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Aleyways: Brendan Leonard Quotes


Brendan Leonard Quotes

I know I know, I'm overwhelming you guys with posts, well, maybe I'm just whelming you, but I HAVE to share these quotes I found cause they are too good to keep to myself! MAN, I wish you guys could see the show!

Michael Carney: 30% of teens love Rotang, but the other 75% just don't understand him. Brendan Leonard: So, we're working in terms of 105%?
Michael Carney: I'm not a history major, Brendan.

Brendan Leonard: My fiends call me B-dawg, B-wax, B-smooth, and Susan.

Brendan Leonard: Are you calling me a liar? Are my pants on fire? Is my nose as long as a telephone wire? I don't have time for this!

Michael Carney: If I was a spaceship, I'd land on your planet. (best pick-up line ever!!!!!)

Paul Detjen: Please don't refer to me as "barber", I'd rather be "hairstylist."

[Michael is about to jump into the pool out of depression, fully dressed]
Michael Carney: I'm gonna jump!
Brendan Leonard: Don't, Michael! Cotton shrinks in water.

Kevin Carlson: Well? Well? Jamie, what happened? Well? What happened? Why don't you just talk to him? Well? Hehehehe... (needs explaination)

[the cast is in LA]
Brendan Leonard: They can definitely spot someone from around here Cameraman: Are kids different in California?
Patrick Mohr: Oh, yeah. They are a lot cooler than us. They wear huge shorts and hooded sweatshirts.
Michael Carney: They don't care about rules.
Kevin Sheehan: And they live at the beach all day.
Kevin Carlson: And they're 'dude bros'.
Patrick Mohr: And instead of barbequing brat's on the grill, they barbeque vegetables.

Patrick Mohr: Brendan, do you want a pizza?
Brendan Leonard: Pizza? But I don't have any dough!

Brendan Leonard: Use 'chill' as an adjective, noun, pronoun, and adverb.
Patrick Mohr: You wanna go chill at the chill?

R.T.: If I can make one Eskimo dance, it's worth it. (needs explaination)

Michael Carney: This is Michael Carney with the world's fastest gossip report. Brendan Leonard is stupid, Kevin Sheehan is not a true redhead, and Robbie Karver is actually portrayed by an actor named Luis. Mucho Amore, Peace!

Kevin Carlson: I didn't like anybody's wigs, to be frank. But I'll be Kevin, so I'll give it a 6. (talking about their wig judging contest)

Brendan Leonard: It's the teen heartthrob, Kevin Carlson. He's the "hott" one. With two t's.

Michael Carney: [writing a letter at Camp Jinx!] Dear Mom, you said there wasn't going to be any water sports at camp. Well guess what? Brendan said we're going WATER skiing this afternoon. You lied to me, Mom.

Patrick Mohr: Togetherness, exactly. You can't make pizza without cheese. Well, you could, but it would just be bad pizza, though.

Kevin Carlson: My greatest fear, is that the African dining squirrel might have already dined. That would be terrible. (needs explaination, and SOOO funny!!)

Kevin Carlson: Why log such a thing? (needs explaination)

Things I Took for Granted (from the Prates Eppy)
BOGAN: Cotton candy, girls named Sandy, pizza all day long.
Rocket ships, potato chips, playing some ping-pong.
BRENDAN: My own show, cookie dough, popsicles with the flavor orange.
Bein' the boss, dental floss, shucks, 'cuz nothing rhymes with orange.
ROBBIE: Monster truckies, rubber duckies, serve yourself boofays.
My own bed, Right Said Fred, BLT, no may-o-naise.
KEVIN C.: When I was four, I broke a door, now I'm on a seashore.
I see green grass, Oh, wait, it's sand, now I'm playing the guee-tar.
RYAN: Megaphones, ice cream cones, mummay's homemade stew.
West Coast rap, dancing tap, good ole Winnie the Pooh. (Bogan joins in) And Tigger, too.
K SHEE: Playing cards, lee-yuh-tards, lem-o-nade iced tea.
Soda pops, belleh flops, chicken fricassee!

Ok, if you guys read those, you rock!I know it's a lot! I will explain any of those you don't get, just ask me. Oh this is a trip down memory lane, this was my FAVORITE show the summer after sophomore year. It really was AWESOME!!! Anywho


Blogger Lifeguard said...

aley are you on go to your people fisher to talk.

12:11 PM  
Blogger ali said...

ok, those were pretty funny I shall confess....

"they call be B-wax, B-dawg, B-smooth, and Susan."

haha see you in a few

6:38 AM  
Blogger ali said...

"if i was a spaceship, i'd land on your planet." ????????? ha...

hmmm that's a little strange...

6:39 AM  
Blogger Lifeguard said...

I finally read them all. those were hilarious. I love the one when he is going to jump into a pool and the other guys said cotton shrinks in water. That is so random...HAHAHAHAHAH!!!! I have to hold onto my chair.

8:38 AM  
Blogger ali said...

hey! your A3 is in the library!! and i am too!! but i don't see you anywhere....

10:13 AM  
Blogger ali said...

ok. so i was listening to the radio this morning on the way to school,and Red White and Boom doesn't sound all that great... from what I remember this is who is performing:

SHY-ANN (lol i don't know how to spell her name, but that is how is sounds)


Nick Lachey

Saving Jane


I think there is one more... but they must not be good since I can't remember... I love Saving Jane, but I only know one song by them.... and Pink is pretty awesome old school! So I guess it would totally stink minus 2 performances. It's on July 1st. Okie dok? I'll see you at lunch! And I'll make sure you don't hit any tables..heehee ;P

5:59 AM  
Blogger Aley said...

Eh..yeah, I'm thinking with a play list like that we'll have to pass! lol

10:55 AM  
Blogger stevai said...

HAHAHA those are funny...some of them. i have no idea what the others mean.the water skiing one is funny. "you LIED TO ME!!!"

8:39 PM  

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