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Hey y'all! I am sooo happy! I am finished with my calc test, my physics final and my lab report! SCORE!!! OH yeah! Not really sure how I did on any of them, I never worry about my calc tests because our teacher is a saint and gives lots of partial credit. Physics...I'm terrified to see what my grade is after performing the best slacker act I could conjure up all last quarter, but who cares right?!?! I'm done! Now I have teacher helper (study for french quiz and write Ali a note) then french (where I will proceed to take said quiz and read a note from Ali). All the hard stuff is over with and I couldn't be happier...well, maybe if I was out of here completely...yeah, that would make me happier. After school I have to go sign up to get my food handlers license, then go home and do graduation invitations that, thanks to Ali's wonderful dad, I got printed out and looking great yesterday! Now I have to send them to everyone and hope they get there by sunday, hopefully they'll send me money either way. I was thinking about it and I am going to have to request more than 10 graduation tickets! I've got people coming I haven't even invited (not that I wouldn't have). Let's see, my mom, my dad, my stepmom, Angie (friend of the family), Jan (lady I cat sit for), Aunt Debbi, Dayna (sister), Schawn (brother), that's 8 already, then Cody, and Ali and whoever is coming from her family, G boys? SO yeah...I need more than 10 fo sho.
And after all that's done, I am taking a power nap, because if I don't I think it may be the equivalent to suicide. I am so sick with this dumb sinus infection! If I hadn't had finals today, you better believe I would have stayed home and slept! That's all I need, one good day to just lay around and feel better...however, I haven't had one, nor do I plan on having one anytime soon, partially my fault, partially the state of Kansas's fault for requiring me to come to school...I think I blame them mostly. I think I have a funeral visitation to attend tonight...not sure if we're going or not, but if my mom goes I probably will too. My...3rd cousin, I think he is, died, he was cool, very old, and I really didn't know him too well, but his brother is probably, no, definately my favorite relative on that side of the family, so I would like to go to see him. Anywho, if that doesn't pan out I'll probably see y'all at the food pantry thing, yes? no? maybe so? okie then.


Blogger ali said...


HAPPY LAST DAY OF HIGH SCHOOL! I know you can't wait for 2:15! Mmm! Oh and remember you HAVE to pay your parking tickets today. I'll remind you again at lunch incase you don't read this... You want to wear your cap and gown correct?? lol. Well we need to do something tonight to celebrate!! I'll build you a cake or something... haha. See you at lunch

6:34 AM  
Blogger Lifeguard said...

you what up my homegirl$#& I Hope like all of your like finals are like doing fine like. Talk to you later like after our last day of school like.


9:18 AM  

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