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Aleyways: Interesting day....


Interesting day....

Today has been pretty uneventful but yesterday was....interesting, yes, quite. At lunch I pulled a graceful move and ended up falling flat on my butt. I was just walking into the lunch room and I completely slipped and fell into the lunch table, then on to the floor. It hurt! I think I bruised every rib I own not to mention my ego! lol. I know boohoo right? It was kind of funny, well, not from my point of view but I'm sure if I had been the ones standing and would have been funny. Anywho, then I almost got to debate in the class I'm teacher helper for. I love the end of the year debates in Fulkerson's class, I did them last year in AP and I was looking forward to getting to help out the kids in this class. Yesterday Fulkerson informed me that there were an odd number of kids and knowing how much I love the debates, he offered a position to me. Then he told me the topic and my position: teaching intelligent design in science class and I would be against it. Nope. Sorry. No can do. It's against what I believe! That was the coolest part about the debates last year, picking a topic you felt strongly about and deciding which side you wanted to take. So, I was dissapointed but oh well.
After school Ali and I went to get our drug tests done. We finally found the little whole in the wall room and signed in and waited. They got Ali in and out relatively quickly, but for some reason I had to wait...forever!!! We waited over an hour! Then we got up to leave and the receptionist calls out quite rudely might I add saying that I'm almost up. So we wait another 10 minutes and I finally get to go back! GEEZ! I know I have a serious patience deficiency, but still, that's way too long to wait for a drug test that takes 2 minutes! GAH!

So nothing has happened today. I wrote and read in law. Notes and my text book? NO, of course not, my journal and the book I'm reading! lol. Senior survey was unbearably boring today, the poems we read were LONG and uncomprehendable. Lunch was good. Catering I read and wrote again, only taking time from that to make a grocery list for the class needs to prepare our dessert reception next week. Now I'm in seminar, awaiting the assembly's end so I can go to the Harbor. And it is cold outside...not good in all aspects, but it does mean that I can get a HOT Irish creme latte which I haven't had forever. Ah, I can't wait! I want to go NOW!!! BOO! There I go again with the patience thing...I need to work on that. See y'all later.

When you're the president of the breakfast club, And you're not hesitant to fall in love, To fall in love to throw it away, To fall in love with the eighties. I am going to wear, a pink tux to the prom, Live without a care, what can possibly go wrong, I am going to wear a pink tux to the prom, Live without a care cause you threw it away. To fall in love, with the eighties..


Blogger stevai said...

SWEET!! it's been a while since i've gotten the FIRST COMMENT!!! yeah...fosho

i had no idea what the heck you were talking about around the first line of the last song though.

8:33 PM  
Blogger Lifeguard said...

So what is up
I seen that you hurt your bum. Mine hurts too. your pain equals my pain I guess. It still hurts.

Well I hope harbor lights went pretty good. You know what I'm talking about;)

9:16 AM  
Blogger Lifeguard said...

what did you and clint talk about. hopefully nothing bad, hmm.. I wonder what it could be about....I have no idea. but eeh we will talk about it later

11:09 AM  
Blogger JC said...

ALEY!! I MISS YOU!! We havent hung out in like........FOREVER> Ya know? I think we should all do somethin tomorrow, but thats just me. o though, i'll probably be excluded from whatever you all do tomorrow.....just like the last couple of weeks........oh well
Adios me amigo

9:00 PM  

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