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Aleyways: New Video!!!!


New Video!!!!

Oh man you guys! Watch my video, it's from the BEST SHOW EVER!!! The Brendan Leonard Show!!! Brendan loves chase scenes, there's a million of them and they all involve his "jinx" hat! lol! It's sooooo funny, kind of long but worth it! And Kevin Carleson and Ryan Turner are in it! Two of the other best guys on the show! I'm so excited I found all those videos; I'm thinking a new one every week, just for y'all's enjoyment! lol. And hey, if anyone knows why the thing is blocking the top part of my blog or how to correct it, tell me please. lol, hehe.


Blogger ali said...

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Blogger ali said...


did you hear channel one?! they told us the history of Prom! So my life is not complete.. Haha

so rumor has it that there is pep assem. today??? is that true? i hope we don't have one, but at the same time i do.. ya know??

well our sub in computer tech is making me so angry... i'm seriously about to yell at her! she would be the first teacher in my LIFE that i have ever come close to actually yelling at.. she's so rude!!! and mean!!! and whenever i ask her a question she looks at me like i'm some stupid insignificant 3rd grader... HH!!! she's making me SO ANGRY!!! but i'll keep my cool, and just ignore her... geez la weez!!!!

well i'll see you at lunch! you will be there right....haha just kidding! :P


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Blogger Lifeguard said...

hey what is up
sorry about yesterday and all. I wanted to talk to you and everything, but my stepdad was being pig headed. He made me so mad yesterday. I am so sorry for all that. I clicked over on the phone and it was one of my stepdad's friends so I handed it to him and told him you were on the other line and I guess he didn't hear the ending part of my statement so please forgive me please. I wanted to talk to you about prom and if you wanted to still go this saturday. if not that is ok, but this is your senior prom, your decision. Well I have to continue my class. Talk to you later my dearest

cody byrns

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