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Aleyways: The rewrite


The rewrite

I just wrote a post last hour...that's the first post I've ever deleted from my blog. Too much complaining! Geez! Yes, I've had a crappy week and I'm sick on top of that, but ya know what, life goes on am I right? I want to go running so bad I can't stand it. I have all this built up energy, frustration, stress, whatever and I can't wait to go run it all out after school! Oh man!'s friday! yay! And although I have so much work to do this weekend just the thought makes me want to flee to Europe and change my name, it's my last weekend of high school and last weekend of school for the summer, so I can be happy about that. Plus, Jesus loves me. How do I know? The Bible tells me so.
To Ali, Jon, and Cody, sorry I was in a cruddy mood last night. I really was super upset about that cd thing. It was so much fun the past too years I did it, and it was just unbearable last night. I know you guys didn't have fun and I'm sorry about that, really.
Ah, I feel so sick! I hate so much left over goodies in catering last hour, bad idea, really bad idea! lol. Again, I need to go running! Booty! Why do I have to be here? WHY!?!!?!? I can't take it anymore. Well, I can because I have to, but if I didn', you better believe I wouldn't be here! GAR! lol. I'm feeling really hyper right now, which is a big change from my first 2 hours! The coffee must have time release caffeine or something! Whoa! Okie.
Oh man, I did my Charles Manson project for law this morning, it went pretty well. That stuff is so interesting! Seriously, I am not going to be able to stop reading the book even though I'm done with it schoolwise, it's so interesting! Who would have thought a serial killer's trial could be so entertaining!? Well, I would actually. lol. I want to go get "Helter Skelter" and watch it again, I've seen it before. It's like a real life horror movie! And there are hippies...bad hippies, but still. All the stuff I read, its so crazy. Charles Manson really thought that The Beatles were speaking to him through their lyrics on the White Album and Abbey Road, it's out of this world crazy. I found this thing listing lyrics and what Charles Manson had interpreted them to mean, it's totally bizzare! And the guy would only quote The Beatles...and THE BIBLE! Out of context I'm sure! He actually thought he was the messiah reincarnated and so did his followers. They thought they were initiating Revolation! Crazy, crazy, crazy. lol. I'm like an expert on this guy now, lol! He's actually still in jail in CA, he didn't get executed, and is up for parole next year! That's so not going to happen..I hope! WHOA!!!!

Well, I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend..I know you will! lol. Wish me luck on my abundance of studying, well, not so much luck on studying, just luck that I actually do it! lol. 2 more days of school!!! I can NOT wait!!!

The Beatles should not be punished for the crazy man's thinking, and this is my FAVORITE song on the White Album, it's SOOOO good!!!!


Blogger JC said...

OOOOH!!! First comment!! YESSSSSSSS> Aley, hows it goin?? ya doin good?? We need to hang out this weekend if your not too busy cuz that'd be pretty sweet ya know? well, i know....ok well i'll see ya later skater


10:37 PM  
Blogger JC said...

OH!! 2nd comment too!!! HAHAHAHAH!!!!!!
ok bye

10:38 PM  
Blogger try spelling hannah backwards said...

3rd comments the best!lol!any man who missuses the powers of not only the bible but the beatles too...should be severly punished!lol

8:36 PM  
Blogger Aley said...

I totally agree Hannah!

8:54 AM  
Blogger Lifeguard said...

hey aley, please cheer up. we have like 1 more day of school left. I hope all of your finals are going allright and everything is doing great. I really miss you and hope you feel better. I will be at your home after school with soup and um.....medicine. *kiss* medicine that is.... Well hope to see you later. Bye

9:04 AM  

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