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Aleyways: Summa time!


Summa time!

Hey y'all! Whoa, it's been a while huh? No complaints though, it's summer and hopefully it's going great thus far for everyone, I know it is for me! I loooove sleeping in, getting up whenever I want (or whenever my brother's lamo friends wake me up!) and then just chillin' around the house...drinking my coffee and eating bread, lol! Pretty sweet. Now everyone's off so I don't have the house to myself, but it's cool. Well, not really but I don't have a choice.

Work starts in less than a week, I'm a little excited, kind of not because I don't really even like the word "work", hints why I've never had a job before. But now I'm entering the world "the man" created...ya know, being under some one else, working 9-5 (something along those lines) and getting a pay check every few weeks. Now, the pay check thing I happen to approve of, but the rest is a little restraining for my free spirit. But I will get over it. Then, hopefully I'll get to start working at Harbor Lights mid-summer or somewhere around there, which won't be much of a job, just hanging out at my favorite spot in LV and making my favorite thing in the world! And they're going to pay me for that! Can you believe it!?!?! lol. Super cool yo. So yeah, even the work aspect of summer is looking pretty copesthetic!

But everyone's leaving this summer! JC, Tim, David, Hayden...what will we do?! I have no clue. Laugh a little less I think. We'll miss y'all but you will all have such a great summer you may forget to do the same...maybe not. lol. I'm just glad it's summer. And even though it's raining right now and I'm kinda bored, sitting in my room in my pjs, listening to Relient K with Zoe curled up next to my desk cause she's terrified of storms, it's warm and school's out, so that's all that matters. Actually as soon as I finish this I'm thinking I might just go sing in the rain...well, I probably won't sing, but there's no song that talks about standing in the rain so, I inprovised.

Yesterday was SOOOO much fun! I love those days when I get to hang out with Cody and everyone pretty much all day. I can't think of anything else I'd rather be doing. Church was cool yesterday, awesome job with Sunday school Mr. and Mrs. Roberts! Then Cody and I went to his grandparents' house. He became a lumberjack and cut down a tree while I chilled in the nice cool house with his grandma, watching a Sci-Fi movie about killer misquitos. Yup, fun stuff, and I'm not being sarcastic. Then we ate....a lot. Well, a lot for me. MMMM, I'm still craving more of that ice cream cake, holy moly that was good! Then on to the Griffith's house. I'm so glad I didn't swim in that pond...uhhh, no thank you! JC, I'm glad you showed us that awesome spot by the river, it really was cool. Ali and I decided to be...well, it could have been dumb, and hide from the guys. Why? Something like that. It backfired! lol. We found a creapy thing in the woods then had to run like heck to get away from an approaching potential drug dealer! lol. Thanks for coming back guys....that was kinda freaky! lol. My favorite part of the evening, besides watching everyone break all the chairs, was the smores around the fire. That was suuuper cool! I LOVE SMORES! LOVE! I think I ate like 5! lol. Hitch was good...uh, what I saw of it. I gotta work on that not falling asleep thing. lol. I was so tired! I got to bed around 4:30, hmmm, deja vue of last monday morning. Luckily there was no man in a physco squirrel mask getting me out of bed at 6:30 this morning. Nope. Woke up at 10:30, got my truck just in time to roll up the window (oops!) and I've been chillin' like a villan all morning. Yesterday was awesome!
Time to become human, so I'll talk to all of you lovely human beings later!


Blogger JC said...

yo aley!! First comment11 YESSSS! Yeah, that party was really cool! i loved it! I totally forgot about that whole "butterfinger" thing! LOL...that was fun. WEll, i'll see ya later homeslice.

3:15 PM  
Blogger CleanSlate said...

Lol! Sunday was tons of fun.

10:04 AM  

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