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Aleyways: May 2006


Summa time!

Hey y'all! Whoa, it's been a while huh? No complaints though, it's summer and hopefully it's going great thus far for everyone, I know it is for me! I loooove sleeping in, getting up whenever I want (or whenever my brother's lamo friends wake me up!) and then just chillin' around the house...drinking my coffee and eating bread, lol! Pretty sweet. Now everyone's off so I don't have the house to myself, but it's cool. Well, not really but I don't have a choice.

Work starts in less than a week, I'm a little excited, kind of not because I don't really even like the word "work", hints why I've never had a job before. But now I'm entering the world "the man" created...ya know, being under some one else, working 9-5 (something along those lines) and getting a pay check every few weeks. Now, the pay check thing I happen to approve of, but the rest is a little restraining for my free spirit. But I will get over it. Then, hopefully I'll get to start working at Harbor Lights mid-summer or somewhere around there, which won't be much of a job, just hanging out at my favorite spot in LV and making my favorite thing in the world! And they're going to pay me for that! Can you believe it!?!?! lol. Super cool yo. So yeah, even the work aspect of summer is looking pretty copesthetic!

But everyone's leaving this summer! JC, Tim, David, Hayden...what will we do?! I have no clue. Laugh a little less I think. We'll miss y'all but you will all have such a great summer you may forget to do the same...maybe not. lol. I'm just glad it's summer. And even though it's raining right now and I'm kinda bored, sitting in my room in my pjs, listening to Relient K with Zoe curled up next to my desk cause she's terrified of storms, it's warm and school's out, so that's all that matters. Actually as soon as I finish this I'm thinking I might just go sing in the rain...well, I probably won't sing, but there's no song that talks about standing in the rain so, I inprovised.

Yesterday was SOOOO much fun! I love those days when I get to hang out with Cody and everyone pretty much all day. I can't think of anything else I'd rather be doing. Church was cool yesterday, awesome job with Sunday school Mr. and Mrs. Roberts! Then Cody and I went to his grandparents' house. He became a lumberjack and cut down a tree while I chilled in the nice cool house with his grandma, watching a Sci-Fi movie about killer misquitos. Yup, fun stuff, and I'm not being sarcastic. Then we ate....a lot. Well, a lot for me. MMMM, I'm still craving more of that ice cream cake, holy moly that was good! Then on to the Griffith's house. I'm so glad I didn't swim in that pond...uhhh, no thank you! JC, I'm glad you showed us that awesome spot by the river, it really was cool. Ali and I decided to be...well, it could have been dumb, and hide from the guys. Why? Something like that. It backfired! lol. We found a creapy thing in the woods then had to run like heck to get away from an approaching potential drug dealer! lol. Thanks for coming back guys....that was kinda freaky! lol. My favorite part of the evening, besides watching everyone break all the chairs, was the smores around the fire. That was suuuper cool! I LOVE SMORES! LOVE! I think I ate like 5! lol. Hitch was good...uh, what I saw of it. I gotta work on that not falling asleep thing. lol. I was so tired! I got to bed around 4:30, hmmm, deja vue of last monday morning. Luckily there was no man in a physco squirrel mask getting me out of bed at 6:30 this morning. Nope. Woke up at 10:30, got my truck just in time to roll up the window (oops!) and I've been chillin' like a villan all morning. Yesterday was awesome!
Time to become human, so I'll talk to all of you lovely human beings later!


That's right..well, almost! I'm in 4th hour...the last seminar I will ever have to endure! Today has been tizzight yo. First hour we spent the whole hour signing yearbooks. Then 2nd hour I had an unbelieveable long test that took me the entire time, but it was mostly short answers and essays so with my mad bs skills, I'm sure I aced it. Then I went to lunch and hung with Ali and got some of my favorite underclassmen to sign my yearbook. We ordered pizza 3rd hour for catering and ate it, whoa, imagine that! I finally got to try pineapple and ham pizza. Unfortunately, did you guys know when you're nose is stuffed up it severely effects your tasting abilities. Yup, it's true. So, I tried the pizza, I just couldn't really taste it. But I think it might have been delicious. Now I'm in seminar, just chilling. I have to go to the office to argue my way off the "debter's list" because the crazy people here think I owe $18! For what!?!?!?!?!? Drinking out of the water fountain?!?!?!!? Boo! I will not pay it! I refuse. $5 for my parking ticket and that's only if they're lucky! lol. Oh well, I 'll probably give in and pay it if there's no mistake, which I'm counting on, because I would prefer not to have to walk across the stage with a makeshift cap and gown :cardboard hat and my bath robe. lol.

Yesterday was pretty good. I went to Ali's house. We chilled for a while, then went to the library in search of Hitch. Nowhere to be found. So we got The Notebook and Skeleton Key. Skeleton Key is soooo good! I started The Notebook and now I HATE TO finish it...soon. Not like I don't know what's going to happen, I've read the book, but still, I am a visual person, I need it acted out for me. Then we headed to PR for the guys' band concert. We arrived and were taken aback with all the people there and the fancy shmancy reception. We missed the solos, but luckily, because the band and choir are so unpopular (just kidding guys..but those people did high tail it out of there pretty quick) we got pretty good seats. The band was good, you guys rock. We were disappointed when Jon and Carmen didn't perform their senior song as promised, but we got over it. Then afterwards we ate disguisting cheese and drank watered down sparkling grape juice..yummm. Those guys we talked to outside were SOOO funny! Oh man! Ali, you're never going to stop laughing next year between those guys and JC! Poor poor Ali. LOL. Anywho, that was yesterday...pretty sweet.

I'm still sicker than a dog, luckily it peaks in the morning and I feel much better all day until bedtime. That's going to make Ali and my breakfast kind of difficult tomorrow morning, but I won't be able to stay sick once I smell the AWESOME breakfast at Santa Fe Depot. Cody, Jon, you guys should totally join us!!!! We're meeting there at 6:00 in the morning! What? You don't want to come....gee, I can't think of why Oh well, it'll be a girl thing.

Ok, I'm out. I'm in partay mood and need to celebrate! NO MORE HIGH SCHOOL!!!! YEAH!!!!


Hey y'all! I am sooo happy! I am finished with my calc test, my physics final and my lab report! SCORE!!! OH yeah! Not really sure how I did on any of them, I never worry about my calc tests because our teacher is a saint and gives lots of partial credit. Physics...I'm terrified to see what my grade is after performing the best slacker act I could conjure up all last quarter, but who cares right?!?! I'm done! Now I have teacher helper (study for french quiz and write Ali a note) then french (where I will proceed to take said quiz and read a note from Ali). All the hard stuff is over with and I couldn't be happier...well, maybe if I was out of here completely...yeah, that would make me happier. After school I have to go sign up to get my food handlers license, then go home and do graduation invitations that, thanks to Ali's wonderful dad, I got printed out and looking great yesterday! Now I have to send them to everyone and hope they get there by sunday, hopefully they'll send me money either way. I was thinking about it and I am going to have to request more than 10 graduation tickets! I've got people coming I haven't even invited (not that I wouldn't have). Let's see, my mom, my dad, my stepmom, Angie (friend of the family), Jan (lady I cat sit for), Aunt Debbi, Dayna (sister), Schawn (brother), that's 8 already, then Cody, and Ali and whoever is coming from her family, G boys? SO yeah...I need more than 10 fo sho.
And after all that's done, I am taking a power nap, because if I don't I think it may be the equivalent to suicide. I am so sick with this dumb sinus infection! If I hadn't had finals today, you better believe I would have stayed home and slept! That's all I need, one good day to just lay around and feel better...however, I haven't had one, nor do I plan on having one anytime soon, partially my fault, partially the state of Kansas's fault for requiring me to come to school...I think I blame them mostly. I think I have a funeral visitation to attend tonight...not sure if we're going or not, but if my mom goes I probably will too. My...3rd cousin, I think he is, died, he was cool, very old, and I really didn't know him too well, but his brother is probably, no, definately my favorite relative on that side of the family, so I would like to go to see him. Anywho, if that doesn't pan out I'll probably see y'all at the food pantry thing, yes? no? maybe so? okie then.


The rewrite

I just wrote a post last hour...that's the first post I've ever deleted from my blog. Too much complaining! Geez! Yes, I've had a crappy week and I'm sick on top of that, but ya know what, life goes on am I right? I want to go running so bad I can't stand it. I have all this built up energy, frustration, stress, whatever and I can't wait to go run it all out after school! Oh man!'s friday! yay! And although I have so much work to do this weekend just the thought makes me want to flee to Europe and change my name, it's my last weekend of high school and last weekend of school for the summer, so I can be happy about that. Plus, Jesus loves me. How do I know? The Bible tells me so.
To Ali, Jon, and Cody, sorry I was in a cruddy mood last night. I really was super upset about that cd thing. It was so much fun the past too years I did it, and it was just unbearable last night. I know you guys didn't have fun and I'm sorry about that, really.
Ah, I feel so sick! I hate so much left over goodies in catering last hour, bad idea, really bad idea! lol. Again, I need to go running! Booty! Why do I have to be here? WHY!?!!?!? I can't take it anymore. Well, I can because I have to, but if I didn', you better believe I wouldn't be here! GAR! lol. I'm feeling really hyper right now, which is a big change from my first 2 hours! The coffee must have time release caffeine or something! Whoa! Okie.
Oh man, I did my Charles Manson project for law this morning, it went pretty well. That stuff is so interesting! Seriously, I am not going to be able to stop reading the book even though I'm done with it schoolwise, it's so interesting! Who would have thought a serial killer's trial could be so entertaining!? Well, I would actually. lol. I want to go get "Helter Skelter" and watch it again, I've seen it before. It's like a real life horror movie! And there are hippies...bad hippies, but still. All the stuff I read, its so crazy. Charles Manson really thought that The Beatles were speaking to him through their lyrics on the White Album and Abbey Road, it's out of this world crazy. I found this thing listing lyrics and what Charles Manson had interpreted them to mean, it's totally bizzare! And the guy would only quote The Beatles...and THE BIBLE! Out of context I'm sure! He actually thought he was the messiah reincarnated and so did his followers. They thought they were initiating Revolation! Crazy, crazy, crazy. lol. I'm like an expert on this guy now, lol! He's actually still in jail in CA, he didn't get executed, and is up for parole next year! That's so not going to happen..I hope! WHOA!!!!

Well, I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend..I know you will! lol. Wish me luck on my abundance of studying, well, not so much luck on studying, just luck that I actually do it! lol. 2 more days of school!!! I can NOT wait!!!

The Beatles should not be punished for the crazy man's thinking, and this is my FAVORITE song on the White Album, it's SOOOO good!!!!


Interesting day....

Today has been pretty uneventful but yesterday was....interesting, yes, quite. At lunch I pulled a graceful move and ended up falling flat on my butt. I was just walking into the lunch room and I completely slipped and fell into the lunch table, then on to the floor. It hurt! I think I bruised every rib I own not to mention my ego! lol. I know boohoo right? It was kind of funny, well, not from my point of view but I'm sure if I had been the ones standing and would have been funny. Anywho, then I almost got to debate in the class I'm teacher helper for. I love the end of the year debates in Fulkerson's class, I did them last year in AP and I was looking forward to getting to help out the kids in this class. Yesterday Fulkerson informed me that there were an odd number of kids and knowing how much I love the debates, he offered a position to me. Then he told me the topic and my position: teaching intelligent design in science class and I would be against it. Nope. Sorry. No can do. It's against what I believe! That was the coolest part about the debates last year, picking a topic you felt strongly about and deciding which side you wanted to take. So, I was dissapointed but oh well.
After school Ali and I went to get our drug tests done. We finally found the little whole in the wall room and signed in and waited. They got Ali in and out relatively quickly, but for some reason I had to wait...forever!!! We waited over an hour! Then we got up to leave and the receptionist calls out quite rudely might I add saying that I'm almost up. So we wait another 10 minutes and I finally get to go back! GEEZ! I know I have a serious patience deficiency, but still, that's way too long to wait for a drug test that takes 2 minutes! GAH!

So nothing has happened today. I wrote and read in law. Notes and my text book? NO, of course not, my journal and the book I'm reading! lol. Senior survey was unbearably boring today, the poems we read were LONG and uncomprehendable. Lunch was good. Catering I read and wrote again, only taking time from that to make a grocery list for the class needs to prepare our dessert reception next week. Now I'm in seminar, awaiting the assembly's end so I can go to the Harbor. And it is cold outside...not good in all aspects, but it does mean that I can get a HOT Irish creme latte which I haven't had forever. Ah, I can't wait! I want to go NOW!!! BOO! There I go again with the patience thing...I need to work on that. See y'all later.

When you're the president of the breakfast club, And you're not hesitant to fall in love, To fall in love to throw it away, To fall in love with the eighties. I am going to wear, a pink tux to the prom, Live without a care, what can possibly go wrong, I am going to wear a pink tux to the prom, Live without a care cause you threw it away. To fall in love, with the eighties..


Brendan Leonard Quotes

I know I know, I'm overwhelming you guys with posts, well, maybe I'm just whelming you, but I HAVE to share these quotes I found cause they are too good to keep to myself! MAN, I wish you guys could see the show!

Michael Carney: 30% of teens love Rotang, but the other 75% just don't understand him. Brendan Leonard: So, we're working in terms of 105%?
Michael Carney: I'm not a history major, Brendan.

Brendan Leonard: My fiends call me B-dawg, B-wax, B-smooth, and Susan.

Brendan Leonard: Are you calling me a liar? Are my pants on fire? Is my nose as long as a telephone wire? I don't have time for this!

Michael Carney: If I was a spaceship, I'd land on your planet. (best pick-up line ever!!!!!)

Paul Detjen: Please don't refer to me as "barber", I'd rather be "hairstylist."

[Michael is about to jump into the pool out of depression, fully dressed]
Michael Carney: I'm gonna jump!
Brendan Leonard: Don't, Michael! Cotton shrinks in water.

Kevin Carlson: Well? Well? Jamie, what happened? Well? What happened? Why don't you just talk to him? Well? Hehehehe... (needs explaination)

[the cast is in LA]
Brendan Leonard: They can definitely spot someone from around here Cameraman: Are kids different in California?
Patrick Mohr: Oh, yeah. They are a lot cooler than us. They wear huge shorts and hooded sweatshirts.
Michael Carney: They don't care about rules.
Kevin Sheehan: And they live at the beach all day.
Kevin Carlson: And they're 'dude bros'.
Patrick Mohr: And instead of barbequing brat's on the grill, they barbeque vegetables.

Patrick Mohr: Brendan, do you want a pizza?
Brendan Leonard: Pizza? But I don't have any dough!

Brendan Leonard: Use 'chill' as an adjective, noun, pronoun, and adverb.
Patrick Mohr: You wanna go chill at the chill?

R.T.: If I can make one Eskimo dance, it's worth it. (needs explaination)

Michael Carney: This is Michael Carney with the world's fastest gossip report. Brendan Leonard is stupid, Kevin Sheehan is not a true redhead, and Robbie Karver is actually portrayed by an actor named Luis. Mucho Amore, Peace!

Kevin Carlson: I didn't like anybody's wigs, to be frank. But I'll be Kevin, so I'll give it a 6. (talking about their wig judging contest)

Brendan Leonard: It's the teen heartthrob, Kevin Carlson. He's the "hott" one. With two t's.

Michael Carney: [writing a letter at Camp Jinx!] Dear Mom, you said there wasn't going to be any water sports at camp. Well guess what? Brendan said we're going WATER skiing this afternoon. You lied to me, Mom.

Patrick Mohr: Togetherness, exactly. You can't make pizza without cheese. Well, you could, but it would just be bad pizza, though.

Kevin Carlson: My greatest fear, is that the African dining squirrel might have already dined. That would be terrible. (needs explaination, and SOOO funny!!)

Kevin Carlson: Why log such a thing? (needs explaination)

Things I Took for Granted (from the Prates Eppy)
BOGAN: Cotton candy, girls named Sandy, pizza all day long.
Rocket ships, potato chips, playing some ping-pong.
BRENDAN: My own show, cookie dough, popsicles with the flavor orange.
Bein' the boss, dental floss, shucks, 'cuz nothing rhymes with orange.
ROBBIE: Monster truckies, rubber duckies, serve yourself boofays.
My own bed, Right Said Fred, BLT, no may-o-naise.
KEVIN C.: When I was four, I broke a door, now I'm on a seashore.
I see green grass, Oh, wait, it's sand, now I'm playing the guee-tar.
RYAN: Megaphones, ice cream cones, mummay's homemade stew.
West Coast rap, dancing tap, good ole Winnie the Pooh. (Bogan joins in) And Tigger, too.
K SHEE: Playing cards, lee-yuh-tards, lem-o-nade iced tea.
Soda pops, belleh flops, chicken fricassee!

Ok, if you guys read those, you rock!I know it's a lot! I will explain any of those you don't get, just ask me. Oh this is a trip down memory lane, this was my FAVORITE show the summer after sophomore year. It really was AWESOME!!! Anywho

The weight of the world has been lifted off my shoulders!

I talked to my daddy yesterday. I called him when I got home, well, a little later b/c Cody called, but when I called him no one answered, so I was vein. He called me back and I just dove in. I told him I'd made a decision concerning college and I told him what it was and my reasons...he was silent through all of it. At one point I almost asked him if he was still there. I asked him what he thought and he had no objections. He understands my logic and agrees that my pushing myself so hard through high school deserves a little break. I think he was afraid I was going to say I was taking a year off, he said he kept half expecting me to come up to him and say that, and don't get me wrong, that sounds like a terrific idea, but I know I would never go back so I've never even thought of doing that. Anywho, the only thing he had to say was that he's worried that I won't go through all four years of college because my sister went to a junior college and met her husband and left. Well, I assured him that WILL NOT happen to me, even if I got married I would stay in school and that I have every intention of going to KU the next year and graduating from there in 4 years. So, all that went muuuch better than I thought it would.

Anywho, how's everyone's tuesday going? Mine is...uneventful, to be Frank. But I'd rather be Aley, if you don't mind. We had a sub in law, so I wrote in my brand new journal!!! Recaping the month gap is taking a while! Then senior survey was beyond boring. Lunch was good, except the waiting in line for 5 hours for milk! INCONCIEVABLE! lol. Catering...this was interesting. We made these cupcake things, but without traditional cupcake making ingredients. We used cake mix and pumpkin! yeah, like what you make pie with. And nothing else. Well, Megan and I added cocoa and chocolate chips which made them 10,000 times better, but they were actually REALLY good and they're supposed to be way better for you since there's no oil or eggs. So yeah, I found that interesting. Now I'm in seminar, putting off my research paper. I need to just get it over with, but I don't wanna! I don't wanna! Whoa....5 year old relaps there, sorry.

"Kissing is a means of getting two people so close together that they can't see anything wrong with each other." ~ Rene Yasenek (<- That was in a book I'm reading, I found it pretty amusing!) "I notice, I know this/ Week is a symbol of how I use my time/ Resent it, I spent it/ Convincing myself the world's doing just fine/ Without me/ Doing anything of any consequence/ Without me/ Showing any sign of ever making sense/ Of my time , it's my life/ And my right, to use it like I should/ Like he would, for the good/ Of everything that I would ever know/ I'm a little more than useless/ When I think that I can't do this/ You promise me that I'll get through this/ And do something right/ Do something right for once" Relient K


New Video!!!!

Oh man you guys! Watch my video, it's from the BEST SHOW EVER!!! The Brendan Leonard Show!!! Brendan loves chase scenes, there's a million of them and they all involve his "jinx" hat! lol! It's sooooo funny, kind of long but worth it! And Kevin Carleson and Ryan Turner are in it! Two of the other best guys on the show! I'm so excited I found all those videos; I'm thinking a new one every week, just for y'all's enjoyment! lol. And hey, if anyone knows why the thing is blocking the top part of my blog or how to correct it, tell me please. lol, hehe.