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Aleyways: January 2006


Dorsal fins and cucamunga

So I've decided the use of verbs is way over rated. So this post will attempt to prove that by leaving them all out, starting now:

Lst nght ws prtt gd. Prctce wnt fn, thn wnt t Chntl's hs fr CS. Mssd mst f t. Hd grt nchs, Cnr md thm. Mmm! Gt hm prtt lt. Hd a Jck Jhnsn prt ths mrnng, bt Chntl lckd hr kys n hr cr nd hd t g hm t gt th spr. Bt w hd wsm mffns! Gn, Mmmmm! Schl ws k, nw 'm gttn rdy fr th lm ctrng thng @ schl frm 6-11! Crzy ! ll! K, 'm t! Ltr!


Faulty alarm clocks....a true blessing

I got to oversleep today! Not that I planned it. On the contrary actually, I was planning on getting up about half an hour earlier than usual, but, oh well. My mom came in and woke me up at 7 something, asking me why I hadn't woken her up....hello?!? lol So, I took my own sweet time getting ready. Once my mom called me in and left, my getting ready progress speed seemed to decrease at least 50%, no clue why. lol. Actually, I've found I can be quite productive in the morning. I cleaned the kitchen table, which is always a mt. everest of junk, then did dishes and still had time for a cup of coffee and a little tv before I left. Granted I was about 10 minutes late to 2nd hour, but no one missed me. 2nd hour is english, which is actually pretty tizight right now, we're reading/watching Macbeth, which I really like. Lunch was good, super long today, it seemed like Ali and I talked about everything under the moon before lunch was even half way through. Fine by me yo. 3rd hour was....horrible, (may I borrow Sean?) I'm not gonna lie. Honestly, before this year, I didn't have anyone who was outwardly mean to me. And now, they're coming out of the woodwork! Catering is a pretty small class and half of them are popular girls that I"ve known for quite a while. I'm not friends with most of them, but I get along with a few of them pretty well. My luck being given apparently by a sick, twisted-minded leprachaun, I get stuck in a kitchen with 2 of them that can't stand me. What did I ever do to them you ask? nothing. I think I am a pretty amiable person, I generally get along with everyone and when I don't I avoid them, but I'm always civil. These girls were SO mean to me today, seriously. *wipes tear* I know, I know, pitty party for one. That hour just really sucked for me, hopefully it will get better over the next few weeks. Seminar was lame, we had the ROTC assembly, that I've seen 4 times, the same assembly. Oh well, at least a few people in my seminar can stand me. lol. Ok, now I'm done, for real. Now I'm home, with some good music cranked up and all the windows open, although my hands are getting numb, so I think it may be time to close them. I just love fresh air though, it makes the whole house smell so good.

Well, I have voice stuff tonight with Brad...singing in my "head voice" (I know you love that term Ali) but it should be okie. Then to Chanuty's for CSI. And they'd better save me some nachos! Later all.


NO PASSING! NO PASSING! TONS OF CALC HOMEWORK AND NO PASSING!!!! AHHHHH!!!!!! *takes deep breath* ok, I'm fine, really, peachy keen right here. So I'm in seminar bored. We had to take a horrible test about drugs and alcohol and all those wonderful things (j/k of course, didn't know how great you guys are at reading sarcasm). I might as well have just put no on all the questions, cause that's pretty much what I did. Ah, I hate those tests. Think about it logically: Anyone who answers for real will be answering no, anyone who would answer yes won't be truthful. It's bogus. Anyhoo, g2g do calc, later.


Crosses and Peace Signs

Who says that you can't be a hippie and a Christian? I love these lines from "Love is a Movement" guessed it, Switchfoot: "Love is the movement,
Love is a revolution."
Hippies are all about revolution, in fact, that's the central theme of almost all hippie/classic rock. Hippies are all for movements and going against The Man. True, not all the morals are alined and there are some huge differences, for instance Christians are all for Jesus's love whereas hippies are all for free love...but it's still Ok, there's my little justification, not that anyone reading this doubts that you can be both, but just in case.

Wondering why I'm quoting all these old Switchfoot songs? Well, I came home on saturday and found "Learning to Breathe" in my chair. Angie (awesome 38 year old mutual friend of my mom and I) was cleaning out her cds and decided she didn't want it any more. Her trash, my treasure. It came at a perfect time too, even though I love "Nothing is Sound" I've listened to it 2,000,000 times, so it's time for a change. Speaking of change, I hate it! I'll spare an elaboration.

My weekend was ok. Friday...I did nothing pretty much. Saturday I FINALLY went to my daddy's house. We hung out, it was only the two of us, I watched "The Missing" while he changed my oil (man dad's are cool) then I went home and hung out with Rach and Chaunty. We did this really copesthetic experiment with soda and mentos. You put the mentos in a just- opened soda bottle (diet works best) and it explodes, like shoots up 6 ft. It was pretty cool. Then we wanted to do it again, so we were trying to dig the mentos out of the gutter. Pretty fun stuff. Then we went to Chauntel's and played ping pong with Darree, then Con joined us. For the most part I sat in a canoo and played Lewis and Clark! Hey, with a little imagination, it was fun ok! Don't judge. Sunday was horrible, G's were gone, Ali wasn't there and neither was Cody! If it weren't for Sean and Hayden, I would have died! Fo sho! Today was ok I suppose, I was ticked off this morning due to a little misunderstanding but I got over it. But it was monday, so I'm entitled to a little crankiness right? I think so.

Ok, I've taken up enough of your precious time, plus I'm hungry, hamburger helper...yummm! lol

Peace gangstas and chicas.

Love that Switchfoot

Playing for Keeps

Do me a favor
Would you sing this to me slow?
'Cause I'm thinking it's my song
Do me a favor
Would you tell me when to let go?
'Cause I think I'm holding on

Would you do it for me?
Would you do it for me?
'Cause I'm playing for keeps
Tell me tomorrow has come
With open arms, open arms, open arms.
If you say it's time to move on
Then I'll stop holding on, holding on.
If you say that it's time for moving on, yeah
Time for moving on Do me a favor

Would you tell me which way's up?
'Cause I don't know where I fit
Do me a favor
Would you tell me when to stop
'Cause I don't know how to quit


Won't you save me, savin's what I need

Worship practice was SOOOO bad last night! No, seriously, I can't even stress it enough. I am thrilled most of you won't be there sunday, cause, oh man! I am going to sound SOOO bad and I know worship is about glorifying God and I've prayed about it, but I think I could carry out that task much better if I didn't have to sing like a retarded bird caught in a garbage disposal. So Eric has decided my falsetto voice (or "airy voice" as he likes to call it) is no longer acceptable. So basically my days of singing pretty on sundays are over for now. I have to sing in my "real" voice...which sounds and feels like I'm screaming and all my notes are horrindously flat and off key. I was so frusterated last night, I seariously wanted to cry after practice. But I don't want to whine to Eric about it but honestly, I have never hated an hour of singing like I did last night. It's not only that it sounded bad, it felt really bad too. I know Eric knows way more about music than I do and all, but I think he needs to get his hearing checked if he thinks what I did last night (I wouldn't call it singing) sounded better than what I normally do. And after he leaves, Brad says he's going to make me sing like that, I'd better be on your team! I'm fo real! PLEASE! I can't sing like that every week, or I'll die! Ok, enough of that *wipes brow* wheeeew.

Then I went to CSI night, it was good. Today I had a law test, and got an A. In senior survey, we're reading Macbeth, which I read sophomore year, so it's good, I love Shakespeare anyway and we're watching a really screwed up Macbeth movie, but it's all good yo. I have lunch with Ali now!!!! YEAH!!! We actually see each other! Then I had catering. We have to make 900 cookies tuesday and friday for our dealio friday night. And aside from all the stuck up popular people in there that hate me for some odd reason, I think class will be fine. I am going to request changing kitchens, cause one of the girls in there hates me with a royal passion..and ya know, knives, burners...not a good idea. lol

So tonight was supposed to be a Brenden Leonard marathon cause Chanty hasn't seen them and me and Rach are dying for her to be in on all the inside jokes we have recently remembered and have put to good use! 100% Nougat! You guys have got to see them too! They rock my socks ya know!? Anyhoo, Chaunty has to go with her boyfriend to a lame-o party so I have to find something else to do. I'm think me and Rach, in pajamas, with coffee and biscotti, watching something in her basement....sounds like a perfectly wonderful evening. lol. I am so easy to please when it comes to activities! lol!

"I'm definately sure that I'm not sure. Sitting on the corner of nowhere road, just between I wish I could and I don't know."


Yuppie word: happy

I don't know, ask Jonathan Foreman!

"Mahatma Gandhi was quite a spiritual person. He walked barefoot everywhere, to the point that his feet became quite thick and hard.
Even when he was not on a hunger strike, he didn't eat much. Over time he became quite thin and frail. Furthermore, due to his diet, he wound up with very bad breath. Therefore he came to be known as a.....
"Super calloused fragile mystic plagued with halitosis." "

Anyhoo, y.g. was great tonight guys really! And worship went real well, even though my throat is about ready to fall off, but I didn't sound like a dying rabbit like I had anticipated. Luke's message was great and I'm so excited about that thing he was talking about! It sounds flippin' awesome! Just something else to look forward to right!? Score! lol, yeah I'm still hyper. So, the next few weekends aren't going to be cool! GAR! This weekend all the G boys are going to be gone, so it'll be a perfect time to get all the stuff done I usually put off cause we're all hanging out...all that stuff I don't want to do!lol Then the next week, I have catering friday night then WJC all day saturday and Ali has SATs! SO, the weekend after that, I"m not kidding you guys, we have to do something so unbelieveably fun, we'll be telling our grandchildren about it when we're old and decreped and searching for our teeth! Anyways, its late, I'm tired and I have calc in da AM so I'm out yo. Later.

2 Peter 3:15a
And remember, the Lord is waiting so that people have time to be saved.


Under the wide open sky

Guess who didn't go to school today! Me! Well, I went to first hour, its suicidal to miss calc, but then I came home. I felt a pesky sinus infection coming on...and hey, might as well milk it for all its worth right?! Plus I had a pretty easy day ahead of me, so I didn't miss much. I came home and watched 2 hours of Gilmore Girls (addicted? no way....minus the "no") and then I watched The Horse Whisperer. Such an awesome movie..well it is for a horse-crazy hopeless romantic who adores Robert Redford! lol I got my stuff sent off to KU, now I have to concentrate on my WJC essay for the full ride and I go down there in 2 weeks, not next weekend. I'm so excited for next year! But I'm going to miss sooooooo many people, even if I end up staying around here. Oh well, change, change, change....that's the only constant in everyone's life right? I had to learn that lesson awhile ago, I hated change with a burning passion.
Watching that movie made me realize, I think I could spend the rest of my life on horseback and I wouldn't ask for another thing! Sounds wierd, I know, but for real. I'm going to live on a huge farm/ranch and spend all my time on horseback, I hope!
Oh, funny story. My bro came home last night, telling me it was impossible for me to be on the internet since he hadn't installed anything for me to sign onto yet, which is what I initially thought. Then we discovered that I was accidentally stealing wireless from our neighbors....whoops! Hey, I didn't know, does that still make me a criminal? *shrugs* oh well, who's gonna know, so "mum's" the word, ok homies!

"A pledge allegiance to a country without borders, without politicians. Watching for my sky to get torn apart. We are broken, we are bitter. We're the problem, we're the politicians. Watching for our sky to get torn apart. C'mon and break me!"


Super sweet yo!

I have internet!!!! YEAH!!!! I know, I know, you all have had it for a while and do not realize what a joy it is for a poor girl who has been netless for months, but yeah, I'm excited!

First time posting from home, yay! Anywho. Let's see, my weekend. Friday, I did nothing, no, I mean literally, nothing. I went to bed at 9:00! lol. 12 hours of sleep, felt awesome! Then saturday I finnished my KU application and sent my ACT scores there and to CSU. Am I any further on that "where am I going to college question"? Nope. No clue, I go to WJC next weekend I think, but I doubt it will have any impact whatsoever on my decision. So, we'll see what happens, ok, get off my back! j/k
Saturday night, we made a fruitless run to Lawrence...everything was closed but Starbucks, which, believe it or not, I am not all that gaga over like my fellow coffee obsessed. But it was smelled good at least. Then we went to World Trade basically Piere One. Then on to Sonic, ya know, cause we don't have a billion of those in town anyway. Got oober gross smoothies and almost got sick on the way home because they were so..uh...gross! Sunday was sunday as usual. Church was good. The worship meeting was...long, but hopefully productive although I don't agree with all the changes purposed, I think our worship band and practices go pretty darn well, but I'll cooperate I suppose, if I gotta. I didn't go to my dad's sunday afternoon, like I had hoped, so I cleaned my room....fair trade? not even close, but oh well.Hanging out at Ali's was fun,I don't think I've ever watched that many movies in a matter of 12 hours. Whoa, you guys are nuts! No, it was good, even though I was so tired I think I almost fell asleep standing up while I was walking back to Ali's bedroom. Then I had to "gently" place 50 cent on the floor where he belongs...actually he belongs in the garbage but he wouldn't fit! lol. So I just woke up from a 3 hours nap that I decided to take after going to Applebee's with my mom and our friend Angie. Now, I'm up, still tired, and wondering what in the world happened to my extra day off!?!?!!? Oh well!

"When I made up my mind, and my heart along with that, to live not for myself, but yet for God, somebody said: "Do you know what you are getting yourself into?" When I finally ironed out all my priorities, and asked God to remove the doubt, that makes me unsure of these things I ask myself. I ask myself, "Do you know what you are getting yourself into?" I'm getting into you, because you got to me, in a way words can't describe. I'm getting into you, because I've got to be, you're essential to survive, I'm gonna love you with my life."


If hair were would be easier to braid

Friday the 13th!!! Scary!!!! Are you scared!?!?! Yeah, me neither. So anywho home dawgs, I am so proud of myself for keeping up on my updates! Yeah! Kuddos to me. Even though no one really reads them anymore...*sadness* oh well, today is a great day. It's friday. This week has seemed so so so so so long! MAN! But, we have a three day weekend and very little homework. We were supposed to go to Lawrence tonight, but I don't think we will. (Wow, there were a lot of we's in there, I must be getting schitzaphrenic, and there's not a chance I spelled that right.) I really want to see a scary movie tonight, but I don't know if there are any playing and I have no one to go with since most of my friends are chickens. They belong in a barn yard. So I was telling one of my friends about majoring in bio and animal science and he asked me what you could do with that. Without going into great detail the only occupation that came to mind was working at a zoo. He was all," I could see you working at a zoo." Hmm, was that an insult. I don't know, and I'll be frank, no wait, last time I tried that it took me a week to grow my hair back, so I'll be Aley, I don't care. I am in such a great mood, for no apparent reason! It's do cold outside and it looks like it should be warm don't it?! You agree, good, I'm not crazy. I changed my schedule all around for the billionth time but I'm done now. Catering instead of choir, yippie! SOOOO anyway. We must do something ubber fun this weekend y'all! I think I'm going to go to my dad's sometime, cause he needs to change my oil..and I love him and all! lol But I don't know when.
Oh my gosh! CSI last night was SOOOO creepy! This old, fat, rich guy died and he had this room that was a nursery for an adult! He dressed up in diapers and drank from bottles and had a crib and all this and paid this woman to be his "mommy." I won't go into further detail because, yeah it was gross! But the alarming ones are usually the best, without all the alarmingness..ya know? I'm out, cause now I got to:

Shall I compare thee to a summer's day?, I shalln't!

When, in disgrace with Fortune and men's eyes,
I all alone beweep my outcast state,
And trouble deaf heaven with my bootless cries,
And look upon myself and curse my fate,
Wishing me like to one more rich in hope,
Featured like him, like him with friends possessed,
Desiring this man's art and that man's scope,
With what I most enjoy contented least;
Yet in these thoughts myself almost despising,
Haply I think on thee, and then my state
(Like to the lark at break of day arising
From sullen earth) sings hymns at heaven's gate;
From they sweet love remembered such wealth brings
That then I scorn to change my state with kings.

Yeah, I wrote that!!!! Just kidding. My good friend Shakespeare wrote it and named it Sonnet 29. Actually he didin't name it anything, some one who was not very creative decided on the name most likely. We were reading some sonnets and I really liked this one. And even though it is most likely about a man and a woman, I also thought it could be between a man and God, if you think about it. The guy's all depressed in the beginning (the octave) and he's crying to heaven with no response. He thinks of all the things that everyone else has that he lacks and says even the things he most enjoys don't bring him joy anymore. Then he thinks of the love that he has. I know if I were feeling really bad and I thought about Jesus's love, I would feel so much better, just like this persona does. There is, afterall, no sweeter love than the love of Jesus Christ. I don't know, I just thought it was cool because even though it wasn't really written about that, it could be argued that it applied just the same.


Conflicting emotions but not really

I'm in a bit of a funk, I have been for a little while now. My friend Gabem is one of my best friends in the entire world. We've been close friends since I was a freshmen. He graduated last year. Gabe's a mormon, as were half of all my male friends before this year. I knew sometime after he graduated he would have to leave for a 2-year mission trip. Secretly I hoped that he would change his mind...or something would happen to make it impossible for him to go. Well, he called me about a week ago and told me he was going to New Zealand for his mission. He leaves less than a month after his 19th birthday. Needless to say I was not as exstatic as he was. I faked some enthusiasm and mainly focused on the fact he was going to New Zealand and nowhere really bad or dangerous. But how could I be excited for him? For one, one of my best friends is leaving for two years with his only communication back home being letters. And secondly, he's going on this trip to convert people to mormonism. I love my mormon friends with all my heart and to be honest, they are the nicest guys, even nicer than a lot of christian guys, without contest. But obviously, I do not believe what they believe. I'd always hoped that someday I could influence Gabe and maybe one day change him. But he'll actually learn what mormonism is about on a mission trip and therefore, I'm out of luck. *sigh* Big funk. At least he doesn't leave until march 8th, so I've still got some time to hang out with him before he leaves. His birthday is coming up, so I want to plan something really cool for his birthday. Any ideas? His birthday just happens to be feb. 10th meaning I'll have 2 birthday presents to plan/buy.
Anyway...I would love some prayer on this subject...pray for Gabe and that God will use me to show him the real way to heaven..and....a miracle! lol


The Innocence of Youth

Do you ever wish you were a kid again? I remember growing up, I couldn't wait to be older, in high school actually. Ever since I can remember, I wanted to be in high school, thinking that would be my prime, for some reason. I think its pretty common for kids to wish their childhood away, I know I did. I always wanted to be like my older brother, so no matter how old I was, I always wanted to be at least 2 years older. I remember when my brother was old enough to start having homework, I was so jealous. I wanted to be old enough to have home work because it seemed more grown up. You don't have to tell me, I know I was a wierd kid. I hated being a kid back then, I couldn't wait to grow up...and great would it be to have your biggest concern be whether or not you could stay outside playing hide-and-go-seek until 9 o'clock with the neighborhood kids? I miss those days. My thoughts were consumed by games and family and just having fun, instead of the future and all the superficial things that they seemed to be consumed with now. Hmmmm..... where did all that come from? I don't know. I guess I'm still a wierd one.
So...yesterday was fun. Hanging out at the G's house is always fun. I wish we could have figured out one of those games though. You'd think between Ali, Kat and I, and later Jon, we would have been able to figure out a simple board game! Nope, not the case. Oh well. Poker wasn't too bad either, although that's the fastest I've ever went out before! Man! And I don't think I really taught Ali anything, but who knows.
Today's been decent so far. I did have a load of trouble staying awake first hour though, in law. It was pretty boring and, I was SOOOOOOOOOOOOO tired, for some odd reason. But I made it, then I got through sr. survey, which seems to go by real fast, thank goodness. I spent my lunch hour in the library, looking stuff up on the net but I couldn't blog because there were library aids in there that would have busted me. And this comp. won't let me comment right now, so sorry guys and gals! I have to do calc. Later days!


Bonjour Y'all

Well, I'd love to be able to say that my weekend has been great so far...but I refuse to tell a lie. Yesterday was cool though. I hung out with Rach, Chauntel and her younger brother Conor. We made pizzas, then had a carpet picnic while watching Fern Gully. We watched it b/c it is very hippie like in theory. However, it is super freaky! Have you ever seen it!? I would think it would terrify little kids! Anyway. Then we went to the basement, on post these basements are like dungeons, seriously. But I enjoy that kind of stuff, so I loved it. We had ping pong tournaments and after an hour or so of that and being scared out of out minds when Conor snuck in and turned the lights out on us, we left and went home.
Today...was...not so good. My grandma died on wednesday. It wasn't a surprise or anything and she was at home, surrounded my the people she loved, so as far as all that goes, she was lucky. I wasn't very close to her at all, I used to spend a lot of time there when I was really little but I don't remember that stuff. I remember disapproving of how she treated her animals when I got older which eventually led me to cut out my visits altogether. And she did have something like 30 grandkinds, I was one of the youngest. Anyway, my dad picked us up to go to lunch at a church before the funeral, which all took place in Atchison. The lunch was fine, but I hate going to anything and not recognizing half of my family, which is always what seems to happen to me. I have a HUGE family, more cousins than I can count, but I don't know half of them. I am the youngest there too, so, I guess that could explain some of it, but still. The funeral was nice. I hardly recognized my grandma. I hadn't seen her for a while I guess and she looked so different. My dad was putting on a brave front, which I knew he would, cause he's just great like that. It was funny, on the way up there, we were listening to country, the only thing my daddy listens to. This song came on by my favorite country guy and I asked him if he'd ever heard it. It was about going to heaven and telling the people left behind not to cry or worry about them. My dad made me agree I would sing that at his funeral (which had better be a LONG ways off). They ended up playing that song at my grandma's funeral. It definately had an effect on everyone. My sister and aunt and most of my cousins were crying. And I was just ridden with guilt. I didn't feel like I should cry, because I didn't know or love her as much as they did, so I didn't think it was right. Then I felt guilty for not crying b/c everyone else was. Then I felt guilty for not knowing her and loving her like they all did. But I guess that's not my fault. It was an intense day. A lot more emotions than I planned on. I thought I would be fine, just there to comfort my dad, but that wasn't really the case. Anyway, the cerimony was nice, like I said. Then my dad took us all out for ice cream and then took us home.
Our Father which art in heaven, hallowed be thy name. Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done in earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread. And forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive them that trespass against us. And lead us not into temptation. But deliver us from evil. Amen.


Update Smupdate

sooo, hmmm, lets see here, what can I talk about with my faithful blog visiters.....ok. So, last night was, to my utmost suprise, a lot of fun! I am usually not a huge sports fan...well, I take that back, I'm not a huge television football fan. I love watching tennis on tv, but no other sports but I like watching other sports in person. Making any sense? no. That's ok. Anyway, last night was fun and MAN that pizza was yummy! Even better than my homemade veggie pizza! lol Seriously, my pizza is really good.
I had a ton of class changes..some for the better, some for the worse. I got in choir, after a week of playing hide-and-go-seek with the choir teacher to get an audition. Then I did fine and I got in...unfortunately. Yeah, I spent the first 20 minutes of my first class listening to these two girls discuss their...boyfriend situations, but with WAY too many details for the poor overhearer (me) being forced to listen simply due to the fact I was in earshot. So I was a tad discouraged. Then the song we're working on was HORRIBLE!!! UGLY SONG!!!! Oh man! And half the time we were singing, people were talking and walking around. I mean, I figured since you had to audition to get into the class, all the people wanted to be there...apparently I was wrong...very wrong. *sigh* oh well, enough venting. I'll make it. The bright side of my schedule changes was no more AP English. I've gone from the hardest english class to the easiest and its awesome! I don't think senior survey will be as boring as I thought, which is always a plus. Switching lunches was kind of a bumber, but I found people to sit with. I marvel at how terrifying it is to go into a lunch you're not sure if you know anyone in. You run the risk of sitting by yourself and being dumbed a complete loser....just because of a lunch time change! It's positively insane! But, I lucked out.


I went on this rockin' adventure today...ok, so I'm no Huck Finn, but it was cool. Rach and I set out in search of coffee since EVERYWHERE is closed because its a holiday and all. We went to Platte...closed. Then we went to the scary gas station before the narrow bridge, fill up the car and set out. We had found the commercial section of parkville but never the cool part, the downtown part. But we found it finally! It was sooo cool, even though most of it was closed. We found this insanely cool science store and played around in there for a bizzillion minutes. Still no coffee though. Then we went to the used to be "Hen House" and Price Chopper had taken over and....*dun dun dun* gotten rid of the Starbucks! *GASP* I know, that realization was scarier than a horror movie climax scene. So we were forced to go to Barista's. But it was fun and we found some awesome coffee houses, restraunts and shops to check out in parkville. And some groovy middle of nowheres we need to go exploring when it gets warmer. The science lady chic told us about this place by the river where you can find all kinds of things, even fossils and stuff that the river washes up! COOOL! I know, exactly what I was thinking! So, not a bad day....and unlike all of you, I get to do something fun tomorrow too!!!! YAY!!! TONS of rejoicing! Have fun in school everyone! lol Ok, I"ll be nicer.
Tennis was so fabulous last night! I wasn't as rusty as I thought I would be, as rusty as I should have been for no playing for probably six months. But it was good, felt awesome, man I love that game! Then we watched Moulin Rouge at Chauntel's and aside from having to explain this ridiculously hard to follow movie, it was good. I had a hard time not quoting or singing witht the whole thing. It was SOOO hard! lol
G2G, we're going to have a Scrabble Tournament, I think. Wish me luck Peace Out.