PRESSIN ON (Relient K)

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Aleyways: June 2006


Hey guys. It's 8:45....sunday I sit. Listening to the fabulous Relient K. Man, as much as I hate to say it, church was....not normal church wonderful. The combination of all my worship frusteration (which I exaggerated majorly, sorry) and the boring guy on the video....was just no good. But going up on the roof was cool, all execpt the pigeon poo everywhere and corpses.

Tim, good luck in Panama! I'm so proud of you for doing that, really, I think it's awesome! You're going to be so different when you come back. How can an experience like that not change your life in some way right? I'm sure it'll be for the better. I can't wait to hear all the stories you'll have when you come back! Have fun, stay safe, eat salads, and I'll be praying for you!

I wish it were raining, I want to go dancing in the rain really bad. Whoa, random huh? Seriously, that would just about make my day!


Fun of Worlds

Yesterday was awesome! As you all know, yesterday was June 1st and Cody's 18th birthday. We went to Worlds of Fun along with Erica, Travis, Markie and Jen. We got there pretty much when it opened and stayed all day. Oh man, it was so much fun! I was not really too terribly excited about it because as most of you know I am horrified of heights, roller coasters especially. I knew there was no way I'd get out of riding them, without making myself feel like a wiennie anyway. We rode almost all of the rides. The detinator was like the first thing we rode and oh yeah..I screamed THE WHOLE TIME! lol. I like that one though. Poor Cody was almost deaf by the time we got off that one. lol. I'd always been freaked by the thunderhawk, but it turned out being one of my new favorite rides, I love that thing, we rode it like 3 times! The monsoon was closed, which bumbed me out b/c it's my favorite ride, but oh well. Cody, Erica, and Travis rode the ripcord, oh man that thing looks sooo scary! Travis yelled quite a bit, it was halarious! Apparently according to Cody it was awesome...uh...I'll take his word for it! I put off riding the roller coasters until the very end..literally, the Patriot and the Mamba were the last things we rode. I loved the Patriot, it wasn't bad at all! And the Mamba was actually pretty great too! I'm so glad I went on all of those! The park closed at 8:00, buggers, otherwise we would have hit the thunderhawk and Zulu for the millionth time, but it was all good, I was finally semi-dry and a little tired anyway. Yesterday was awesome, I wish you guys could have come with us and we all have to go sometime this summer okie?

Later all my lovely homies.