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Aleyways: February 2006


Apres AtF

So you want my take on the weekend do ya? You think you can handle it do ya? Ok, here goes..I thought this weekend was flippin' awesome! I had sooo much fun! The worship band was good, there no Frontline but only Frontline can be Frontline. The skit thing was soooooooooo cool, really, I loved the skit, that may have been my favorite part of the sessions (not including Jeremy Camp). Yeah, the performances, excluding a few, were extremely awesomely out of this world! Jeremy Camp was amazing, fo sho! Here's a few things I got out of it all:
1) That first night, when all those people went down there...I was shocked. I mean, I've heard some ultra-powerful messages before, complete with music and an awesome speaker, the kind of speech that would make anyone want to give up everything in their lives and simply spend every moment of every day praising and serving Jesus. Although I thought the music and speech was wasn't that powerful. But for all those people to be so moved by it, moved enough to decide to give their lives to Jesus or renew their made me think. It doesn't take much, it doesn't take one of those life changing speeches to change a life. Sometimes all people need is to just hear something, because even if they don't hear exactly how wonderful a life with Jesus is, anything they hear about Him beats what they have. I just found that interesting.
2) The second time, when people went down and we all kept singing and then we prayed. I was just looking out over all those people and it was incredible. How can people see something like that and not be convinced that there is nothing better? Hundreds to thousands of people praising God, lifting their voices to Him, how can that not make everyone who's seen it want to join us? I have no idea whatsoever.

Anyhoo. Lets see...inside jokes.
Cookies = Courage?
Ring Ring. "Change my life, change my mind...." (Ali'll get that.)
"They were saying 'and on.' Oh, I thought they were saying 'Anton' I was wondering why they were singing about a guy named Anton!"
"Does everyone remember dressing up like a super hero when they were little?" "I was a laundry detergent box once."

Oh goodness, good times, good times. Reminds me of Explos and waining geight. LOL!

Anyhoo. Its so sad how much I'm looking forward to wednesday...really sad! I mean, geez, I spent all weekend, literally, with you people and yet I can't wait 'til youth group! lol, crazy! Going up to Lawrence was cool yesterday, it just gives me one more reason to consider KU more seriously; when I can't make it home for church I can go to Vineyard there. *shrugs* who knows what'll happen. I have no clue what's going to happen in the future, even this summer, I'm not sure about anymore. Kind of exciting!

I was in suuuch a good mood this morning. My alarm went off at 6:00 and usually I have to fight with my eyelids (full blown physical battle) to keep from going back to sleep. Today, I actually woke up and layed in bed listening to my music (Jeremy Camp). Then I ate breakfast (toast with grape jelly mmmmmm) and threw on some cruddy clothes ( I couldn't care less what I look like at school) and I was actually early. Unfortunately I went to talk to my friends before I went into school and they brought my mood down considerably. But after writing all through law (notes? What are you crazy?) in my journal and a note to Ali, my spirits rose again and now its after lunch and I'm feelin' pretty dern good again! YAY!

Ok, so my take on AtF- AWESOME!!! I REALLY hope we're going to Deeper Life, which is like Oasis! In April...after I'm 18! 1 month and a day!!! YAHOOO! Later days all.


Act I, Scene iv, Take 5!

Drama. Or as my friends and I more affectionately, not really, call it bigones (bi-go-nayz). I decided I wanted to talk about this crud because well, its everywhere. I was the queen of drama my 7th grade year, but I'm glad for it; I got it out of my system. I always thought things were more interesting with drama, like if I didn't invent some, then things would be dull, and in 7th grade dull is not in your vocab. So my friends and I spent THE WHOLE YEAR fighting, constantly, just because we liked the drama. It wasn't until high school I realized that a lot of people don't grow out of it...ever! I have tons of friends who are still in it up to their eyeballs. I stay out of it whenver possible, but its not always possible right? I mean, I'm not saying here that I think some one creates whatever drama exists just for the sake of its existance. I don't think that at all. Of course there are situations that create it inevitably (NO ONE better correct my spelling!!!). At was everywhere, especially at the week long retreat we went on and it drove me crazy. I assumed that it was due to all the girls in the group, but boys have it too. I think, all in all, our group is pretty lacking in all that stuff, which makes me happy seeing as how much I loathe it. There's no use for it and some one always gets hurt in its destruction path, am I right or am I right? Soooo, moral of the story...stay away from drama....c'est tres mal!

On a lighter note: yesterday was awesome. That was a great youth group huh? Yeah, I thought so! Man, I laughed SO hard it really hurt. Since laughing is healthy for you, Ali and I must be the healthiest people in the whole entire world! So we have you guys to thank for that, especially Cody, JC, and Sean. Man, I almost fell in the floor when Cody asked what the big bird's name was. Oh man! Ok, I have lovely, disgusting calc to do. I'll see y'all tomorrow afternoon for an awesome weekend yeah? We're going to have fun yeah? I like talking like the Autralian Gecko from Gieco! Later.



Ok, so it's been a while since I've posted, my bad homies. I'll commence my post with a small (ha) paragraph I affectionately call "The Weekend Recap." Ahem...
Friday I went to Rachel's and we played Egyptian Rat Slap and I actually won (cause Luke wasn't there) and then Conor and Darree got hooked on Mario Cart and it was all over.
Saturday morning my daddy dropped by. Then my mom and I went to Ten Penny for lunch, mmm, chili! Then I went home to try and get some shut eye..ha! I had just went to bed in my uber warm jammies when my mom called for me. Ali and Hayden had pulled a "pop in" and wanted to know if I wanted to hang out. Of course I did, I couldn't turn them down. So we went to Platte and Ali got a shirt and Hayden got some pants, hats, and a wallet (mostly in black *gasp*) and I got some super cool jeans. Then we went to Claire's, well Ali and I did, and got some cool stuff aussi. Then I went home and got ready to go to din din with my dad and stepmom. We went to Tampico's and had dinner, it was really really good! I love hanging out with my dad and stepmom, especially when my brother doesn't come, he tends to be a conversation hog! So that was nice. Then we went to my aunt's house and spend a boring evening there. My family is crazy, I'm serious, my cousins are out of their minds! Anyhoo, I don't want to go into that.
Sunday was...ok if you don't like talking to anyone for a good deal of it! lol I'm just kidding (kinda). The kids in kids church were OUT OF THEIR MINDS!!!!!!! But JC made it all good with our awesome Valentines. Thanks JC! Then went to the Roberts house that night. That was fun. MMM, spaghetti! And I totally won Phase 10! It was FREEZING outside and of course we just HAD to go out there! lol So yeah, it was pretty much awesome.
Monday I went to calc and dazily made my way through the first 2 hours of school, then left. I picked up Sean and JC, then Ali and we went to the Harbor. Then went to Weston Bend Park and got lost thanks to tour guide Aley, yeah it was all my fault! Sorry guys. At least we reached our walking quota for the next 40 years! lol I thought it was fun, and no one really got in trouble (thank goodness!) so it was all good.
And now, here I sit in I'm bored. So I think I haven't written anything of substance here lately, its all been recapping weekends and what have you. So I'm now thinking of some topics I can talk about, give my 2 cents about okie? That sound great to everyone? good! Ok, I'm off in search of inspiration!

"Do me a favor, would you sing it to me slow, cause I'm thinkin' its my song. ooooo."


New Video

Hey y'all, so check out this video by the one and only, wonderful Jack Johnson! It is SOOOOO tight, I mean it, it is really really cool. That's hot, whatever,I love it!


no time no time

I have to go do calc in a few minutes, so this is going to be types with the speed of 1,000 greyhounds (that's pretty fast). Ok, valentine's day was ok. I got some stuff from friends at school (yum, fun dip valentines) and then after school I went to get stuff for y'all. I went to walmart to get valentines and I was dissapointed to find that all the "chronical of narnia" ones were gone, but I got some good ones. Then I went to get stuff to make cookies for tonight. After hanging with Rach for a while and consuming large amounts of coffee, I went home and took Zoe on a walk in the I came home and proceeded to make cookies. Well, I didn't get too far. My friend Gabe called me and said he and a few other friends were going to see Curious George and wanted me to go. He said it was a double date (but only in the sense that he paid, which was perfectly awesome with me). My mom pretty much told me to go, cause she wants me to hang out with Gabe all the time, she loves that kid. So I through on some decent clothes and went out with them. Seth dropped Gabe and I off at Cold Stone (mmm, amaretto and Twix) and he and Brittany went to Sheridan's. Then, since we were super early for the 9:30 show (we were super late for the 7:30 one) we layed on the floor and watched the artificial shooting stars. LOL, it was great! The movie was SOO good! George is the cutest fake cartoon monkey I have ever seen! And Jack Johnson did all the music for it so it was SUPER GREAT! Then I slept the whole way home and we listened to the soundtrack from the movie. I didnt' get home until midnight and I was sooooo tired this morning but, it was worth it!

Ok, I have to go, more later, I hope, this not having internet at home again stuff really bites! Well, I'll see you all, or most of you hopefully at youth tonight...right?


Happy Valentine's Day All

Or, more commonly refered to by Ali, JC, and myself as "single's awareness day." Regardless, I love this song! More later, maybe, have a great day everyone!

If there were no words
No way to speak
I would still hear you
If there were no tears
No way to feel inside
I’d still feel for you
And even if the sun refused to shine
Even if romance ran out of rhyme
You would still have my heart until the end of time
You’re all I need, my love, my valentine
All of my lifeI have been waiting for
All you give to me
You’ve opened my eyes
And showed me how to love unselfishly
I’ve dreamed of this a thousand times before
But in my dreams I couldn’t love you more
I will give you my heartUntil the end of time...
You’re all I need, my love, my valentine
And even if the sun refused to shine
Even if romance ran out of rhyme
You would still have my heart until the end of time
’cause all I need is you, my valentine
You’re all I need, my love, my valentine


The Infamous Protest of LHS

Today, the legendary Fred Phelps (Felps?) came to LHS to...uh...peacefully? voice his views on the USALL issue. I drove up to school this morning and my line of vision was hit with all these HORRIBLY offensive signs about gay people. Almost every sign was something along the lines of "God hates fags!" WHOA! I didnt' think they'd be that radical, but I should have assumed. There were tons of people on the other side with signs about unity and love, all the USALL supporters. Everyone was super peaceful, much to Fred's dismay I'm sure. We had a Jack Party in Rach's car this morning and watched the going ons. It was kind of crazy. I mean, what on earth could those people be thinking? Have they read the Bible? They quote it (completely out of context) so I'm assuming they've read it but when I see signs like that I can't understand how that's possible. They need prayer majorly peeps, big time! And what really made me upset was, not only that a guy like that gives Christians a horrible image and makes people think badly of us, under falsified portration, but that God was not represented in the whole thing at all! One of my friends said we should have been out there with a sign that said: "Hate the Sin, not the Sinner." That would have been a good thing, but what side would you stand on I wondered? Obviously, that would be directed at the Phelp's group, but I don't agree with USALL either. If they truley were a support club without the slightest bit of promotion, then fine, but they do promote homosexuality in a way, so I wouldn't have felt comfortable on their side either; although this morning it was simply tolerance they were gunnin' for and I was happy to see that. My friends and I sat in the car and blasted the Beatle's "All you need is love" lol, seemed appropriate. I talked to my Law teacher during class and he said that the news probably wouldn't even cover it considering it was completely calm and non-violent. No one got hot headed or tried to pull anything, so it was pretty dull. The Phelp's group didn't even stay as long as they planned on, so HA! lol Interesting day, that's for sure.

Friday was great, Jon's birthday party at the Griffith's! lol It was a blast, as always, The Brother's Grimm was even funnier the second time. "Excuse, it was trying to run away!" LOL HAHAHAHAHAHA SOOO funny!

Saturday was...chaotic! I was lazy all morning, go me, then I had to rush around trying to get everything done. I was ready to bake the cake only to discover, I didnt' have a cake pan anymore, so I had to go get one, and decorations and such. Then after searching, finding, washing, and trying on my bathingsuits, I headed down to the pool for my swimming lesson, graciously offered by Cody. Upon arrival I was greeted by the screeches of a million girls being murdered, well, it sounded like they were being murdered, geeez, how do you guys out up with all the noise all the time!?!?! I'd go crazy! Anywho, Cody was glued to his lifeguarding chair (not literally) to, well, guard their lives, so I'm taking a rain check on my swimming lesson. Then I went to the church and we had Jon yet another party. It was great. Spoons and sardines! Too much fun.

Sunday, Jon, David and I did kid's church; it went well, those kids are a hoot! lol Then I hung out at home for the most part, after finding out we weren't going to see The Pink Panther. I went to Rachel's and watched part of The Sting with Robert Redford (LOVE HIM) awesome movie by the way you guys!

Ok, that's it, my update, hope you have enjoyed it. My internet has been screwy lately, so I may not be keeping up on the blogger world as well as I was before, although no one else seems to be donig that either so, I don't feel bad! lol Pink Panther tuesday? Yeah? Good! It's a plan! Later Days all.


Let's see if this one gets to stay!

Ok, so my posts are being crazy and just getting up and running away, but this one will be good, so hopefully it'll stay!

So last night was SOOO much fun, I can't even put it into words. The band was flippin' awesome, and I had so much fun just hanging out with everyone. It really makes me wish I would have come to some of the coffee shop stuff you guys had, cause I bet they were a blast. So, needless to say, even though my half day was one of the worst days I've had in a long time (calc trouble) yesterday was competely, totally, 100% awesome, thanks to 5:00 and after.

I got to stay home today, love you mommy! lol I got up about 10:00, not by choice, my bro woke me up on the way to work, but I was well rested enough I suppose. So I watch tv and have coffee and toast. Then I watched "My Best Friend's Wedding" one of the many movies my mom's bought that I've never watched. Good movie I guess, I love Julia Roberts, but the ending was terrible! So, I wouldn't put this on my "Oh my gosh you have to see this movie if you ever want me to talk to you again" list. Then...uhhh...I watched Gilmore Girls on DVD while I ate lunch and wondered if Ali got out of school today, apparently not. lol. Sorry I wasn't at lunch Ali! Then a watched a "making of The Pink Panther" movie, coming out TOMORROW! We have to see that guys! Now, I'm getting ready to leave and do some stuff, then CSI tonight, yay! And tomorrow is friday and a calc test (BOO!) and maybe ice skating at crown center, if I manage to rob a bank and get enough money to go! lol!

Later days all, check out the youth blog for info on saturday night-movie night!


If fears what makes us decide,
Our future journey,
I'm not along for the ride,
Cuz I'm still yearning,
To try and touch the sun,
My fingers burning,
Before you're old you are young,
Yeah I'm still learning

I am falling down,
Try and stop me,
It feels so good to hit the ground,
You can watch me,
Fall right on my face,
It's an uphill human race,
and I am falling down
I'm standing out in the street,
The earth is moving,
I feel it under my feet,
And I'm still proving,
That I can stand my ground,
And my feet are there, haven't washed my hair
Too be lost before you are found,
Don't mean you are losing

Some day I'll live in a house
Etc., etc., etc.
But you know that's not for now
and for now I'm falling
Yeah e Yeah..Yeah e Yeah,

I'm falling down,
I'm falling down..I'm falling down...
I'm falling....
Feels so good to hit the ground...
I am falling

Going to the basketball game at P.R. with Ali and Hayden to hang out with J.C. I need some serious cheering up, luckily I can't think of a better group to do that for me.


The Long Awaited Update Has Arrived!

And there was much rejoicing....*yay* lol Ok guys, so I figured I've been boring you to death with my non-eventful life, but apparently, y'all like reading about nothing. Good for you , I know all of you will go far! SOOO let's see, what's been going on avec moi? I haven't updated for a while. Last thrusday I had worship practice and it was pretty good. Then CSI night, which was good. Friday I had catering stuff all night, which wasn't half bad. Ok ok, here we are, saturday. I stayed home all day saturday, worked on my WJC scholarship essay and sent that off. Then I went to Chauntel's for a stereotypical girl (+ Conor) sleepover. We played taboo for an hour or more. Con and I lost the first game but Rach and I won the next one. It was SOOO much fun! I haven't played that game in ages. We have to play that next time we have a "fun night" at the Griffiths' or Roberts' for sho! lol Chauntel: "Ok, this guy had a huge theme park named after him." Rachel:"Michael Jackson?" SO funny! Anyhoo. Then we made massively, fantabulous sundaes. YUMMMMM! And watched Looney Tunes for an hour or more. I love Looney Tunes! Then....yeah, I'm pretty sure we tried to sleep after that. The plans to build a fort and play twister were, for some reason, abandoned.
Sunday, you were all there, so no need to rehash the entire day. Sunday night was fun, I love walking around in the cold without going into a single store. No really! I love it, I want to marry, I want a national holiday dedicated to it. lol That's hot, whatever, I love it. Applebee's was good, JC cracked me up with the water thing.
Monday, nota, well, nothing worth reporting. Tuesday, Gilmore Girls was about the only thing that ment anything to me that day. Wednesday, yg was great! Seriously, if any of you leaders are reading this, awesome job! I was totally sceptical about the whole "worship experimenting" thing, but it was sooo awesome! I loved it! And listening to music the whole time helped, as it does with anything in my musically related existance. Watching the guys stuff their shirts with pillows and sumo fight may have been the highlight of my evening though. LOL!
Thursday, got coffee avec Rachy. Then went to Chauntel's for pizza, then decorated cookies for Valentine's Day and St. Patrick's Day. Well, I iced the cookies, they decorated, cause they were for their boyfriends, so I guess it was only fair they did all the creative stuff. I got to be pretty darn perfect at the whole icing thing though, let me tell you. And now, here I am in seminar. Pretty boring day thus far, Ali wasn't at lunch which sucked! lol, really, she's like my only friend in that lunch, well, only friend that I actually talk to. I'm just so shy. LOL! Anyhoo.
I'm so excited about this summer camp thing. I started on my application, man I hope I get the job. Well, I hope Jon and I both get it cause that would be pretty sweet yo! lol. Hopefully those hiring will overlook my lack of athletic involvements and see all the wonderful things I have to offer them! lol. Yeah...uhhh, we'll see. Later y'all.

Oh, new video, either by The Who or Led Zeppelin, so check it out, I must educate you all in classic rock! lol


Something's coming! What is it?!?!? A bird? A plane? No, it's Superman! Wait, no, wrong line. It's an update from Aley! Coming soon to a computer screen near you.