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Aleyways: December 2005




Super quick update, just for the sake of updating! So Christmas was great! I got $, always good, Switchfoot and Coldplay's new cds (or recent cds) Amity Ville Horror, super awesome movie you guys, its really not that scary, a John Lennon book (why you ask?because he ROCKS, except the whole Yoko thing) and some other stuff. I LOVED the church service, it was soooo cool! Tons of singing and Tim and Pastor Dave rockin' out (probably wrong choice of verb usage there) on the trumpets! It really was awesome! Then I went home and hung out, slept the afternoon away, and then went to the Griffiths for dinner. I finally got to learn how to play Texas Hold 'em, be honest, isn't as great as I had anticipated. I prefer more traditional poker by a long shot. But it was cool hanging out! Then we went shopping monday and I got *trumpet sounds* The Best of the Who!!!! Fo SHO! TIzzite! and a pretty awesome christian cd, I love the "W's" they are sooo cool! Then I hung at home on tuesday. Wednesday I was dying, from what I'm not sure, but I really felt like I was dying, it sucked! Today was ok. Went to Weston with Rach and we make organic tacos for din din, hey, don't knock it 'til you've tried it, they are SOO yummy! And now we're waiting for our tie-dyes to get done so we can write on them. Mine's going to say "Jesus Freak" on the front and have a big peace sign on the back! It's gonna rock! But CSI is almost on so, I'm out yo!


Il y a un pamplemousse dans la frigo!

I've only got one final left today! yay! Can't you feel the excitement. But I've got soooo much stuff to do after school! I have to go on a mini shopping spree, get my gift for tonight plus a few assorted others. Then, I'm still planning on bringing something edible tonight, but I might not have time for that, so we'll see. Then go over to Ali's and cook cook cook! I'm assuming my friends will want to do something after school...but I'm not sure they will want to include me. I've felt so out of the circle here lately, it really makes me want to cry. It's how it was before, when I had just become friends with Rach and Chaunty again and they were closer to each other than they were to me. And I know it's partially my fault, they hate all the time I spend doing church related stuff, and they're trying to understand, but it's just not going too well. I know I've been super busy with church stuff and that's not going to change, I don't want it to, I just hope they don't exclude me altogether, because that would break my heart.
Anyway...thursday will be busy too. I've never been one of those crazy, last minute shoppers but this year school stuff has forced me to be one. I have to finish all my shopping pretty much, I can do a little on friday. Then I'm going shopping for clothes to wear to the Christmas party and I need to go get all the stuff for what I'm making for the Christmas party, gifts and to take to my daddy's on Christmas Eve. But it'll be fun, I love Christmas time so much, I just wish I'd have had more time to enjoy it.


Fate?....probably not

Ok, so yeah, I'm bored! I'm starving on top of it all and I still have 40 minutes until lunch! So I'm going to tell a story, I think it's kinda wierd, and I don't know if I've ever told you guys about it before, but I think it just goes to prove that God has a plan for all of us and He will help us follow that plan in...unusual ways. The story is about my first visit to Vineyard. *Ahem* <--clearning throat. Zach had been planning on us going to this lock in thing at a church down town (b/c he knew Jenny and Lance). I had been trying to get some one, ANYONE to go to this awesome sounding Christian coffee house for months, but no one ever wanted to go and I was too shy to go by myself. The lock in fell on the same night as our Easter performance. I was singing and most of the youth group was there. After the performance, I was ready to go home. I had been toying with the idea of not going to this lock in that I had been planning on going to. I hadn't brought anything to the church with me, so I just told Zach and the others going, that I was just going to go home, I was simply too tired to go to some church lock in thingy. So I was standing around talking to some of the others who didn't go, and just people who had come to the performance, and I just kept thinking about the lock in. I was thinking "it's probably going to be super lame, and there won't be anyone there around my age except the people from Wallula, and the people in charge will be old and boring and..." then I would think "...but maybe not, maybe it would be a blast and if I don't go, granted I'll never know, I'll have missed out on something really great!" Sounds wierd right!? I know! But that really was what was going through my mind. So I decided I would go and check it out, stay for an hour or so and then leave. I took some of the rest of the girls with me and we headed down to Vineyard. And the rest is history. We ended up having so much fun we stayed all night. And to tell the truth, it was Luke and Bob who caused me to want to go to youth group there. They seemed so cool (then I got to know them....j/k...and I found out they were even cooler than I had thought! lol) . We decided that we would start going down there for their youth group since our's was sunday nights so it wouldn't interfere. And we did. So, there's the story. I just find it SO funny and completely wierd, after everything, and considering how we all are now, that I almost didn't go, but there was this little voice (not really, I'm not insane) that made me think "if you don't go, even though you won't know it, you'll regret it!" And I would have.

Finals are finally almost over

Most of my hard finals are over (calc and physics) so I'm happy. Now I have french and english..language ones, hmmm. Oh well, they'll be a piece of chocolate (which is better than cake because cake is not always chocolate and chocolate is better by itself than it is in a cake). I'm in leadership now, we're watching "Holes" which I've already seen and always makes me super thirsty, so I am not going to watch. My friend Jared just delivered a Carol gram and did John Lennon's "The War is Over" song, which I love. He did pretty well. But I love that song, I don't care who does it. John's is the best though. Ok, I'm rambling. Speaking of singing, I was supposed to audition yesterday for our chior director to get into chior. Well, she never was in her room and I waited until almos 3:00 then I got bored and left. And I'm a little concerned now because my throats getting all eweying and I hope I can sing well today, if I do it today. OH well, it doesn't take much to get into our high school chior. Ok, I'm out. Stay cool.


NO, I will not bring you a Shrubbery!

It's official, The Knights who say "essay exam" no longer have mind-altering powers over me! And there was much rejoicing *ya*. Actually, the test went ok. I explained the pagan and Christian influences in Sir Gawain and the Green Knight and That Hideous Strength. Not to jinx it, but I think I did pretty well, especially considering I didn't really read the book half the essay was over. Big wight lifted off my shoulders. *huge bolder falls to ground* Then we went singing for old people again. That was..ok. But I got to go home for lunch, yum. Now, I'm in seminar, we're having a Christmas party, there's food, music, the whole shabang. And here I sit, being anti-social. lol. I'm going to go search the net for recipes of something cool to make for tonight. Later y'all.

Hocho! I want Hocho!!!!

I almost froze to death last night ringing bells, but I didn't so, I guess that's a good thing! Then I went to Hardee's or whatever it is you wierdos call it, and got food, which dripped all over me! Then I found a hair in it! EWWWW! But then I met up with Ali and Hayden and we went to PR to see the G guys in the band. They were great, and so was Erica. David was entertaining as always. Speaking of David and entertaining :"Are you retarded?!" hahahahhahahaha, classic! I did find a summary on "That Hideous Strength" kind of, I think I understand it a little, maybe enough to bs an essay next hour..I hope so! Oh halariouis story! I was in physics yesterday talking to my friend Diana and our teacher, Mr. Pretz came over to talk to us. Diana was talking to him about objectives (which are little tests we take over the chapters, which we can retake as many times as we need to to pass them). She was like "so you're not going to be here tomorrow right?" Mr. Pretz was puzzled. They argued for a moment. Then Diana pressed on, "you said you had to go to...your neice's recital..or something like that.." The puzzled look remained on Pretz's face. Then it changed. "Oh, you're thinking of the doctor on Grey's Anatomy!" Diana exclaim, "Yeah!!! That's it!" I love Diana to death, but how on earth do you get so mixed up as to confuse your older, white, short, bearded teacher, with a young, black, tall, shaven man on tv?! I died laughing! Tears were pooring down my face! Then both Mr. Pretz and I told everyone! Poor Diana, she's a good sport though. If you don't find that funny, you have no sense of humor...or you needed to be there, but trust me, it was halarious! Speaking of humor, we had a presentation yesterday in psychology about men and women and humor. She said women use humor (among other women) to bond and men use humor (among other men) to put them down. lol. It made me laugh how true that is for most people. My friends behind me were saying they were cracking up b/c they knew it was so true, they put each other down all the time and it's histerical! It was a pretty interesting report. She went on to talk about how men and women use and relate to humor between each other. Pretty interesting and very true. Maybe I'll enlighten you all later, but now I have to study for my essay exam. How do you study for an essay exam you may ask (and Jon did)? First you become the teacher. I'm thinking of all the ways I can make my students' lives miserable as I type. Now, I'm going to go read horrible books and scare people, so that I can really get into her mind. Later guys! See you..some of you at the worship practice (Ali and I get to cook!) and I'll see the rest of you, probably, at Ali and Hayden's!

1 Corinthians 12:4-6
Now there are different kinds of spiritual gifts, but it is the same Holy Spirit who is the source of them all. There are different kinds of service in the church, but it is the same Lord we are serving. There are different ways God works in our lives, but it is the same God who does the work through all of us.


The Dreaded Fire Swamp

Westley: A few more steps and we’ll be safe in the fire swamp.
Buttercup: We’ll never survive!
Wesley: Nonsense! You’re only saying that because no one ever has.

Westley: You mean, you'll put down your rock and I'll put down my sword, and we'll try and kill each other like civilized people?

Buttercup: Westley, what about the R.O.U.S.'s?

Westley: Rodents Of Unusual Size? I don't think they exist.
[Immediately, an R.O.U.S. attacks him]

Prince Humperdinck: Surrender.

Westley: You mean you wish to surrender to me? Very well, I accept.

Just a little humor to start the day off. I'm taking some of Cody's "how to be funny" advice: using stuff that makes me laugh. *sigh* I love that movie!
So, anyway...I've been working on my AP English project and that's my movie, however, I'm saddened because we do it today and then I have no logical reason to spend so much time reading all the quotes. Logical...when have I ever been logical!? *and there was much rejoicing* *yay* I'm almost afraid to watch the rest of the presentations, one of the last ones used God as a character and had him cussing! Needless to say I was dumbfounded! They've done it in both presentations they've done, well not the cussing part, but using God as a character. I guess they do it because the teacher always laughs at that type of humor. Users! *rolls eyes* people....
I've been slacking so much lately, I have so much crud to get done before next wednesday..not just school stuff, but Christmas stuff too. I have to study for finals, I have two papers due, and essay exam (we are the knights who say "essay exam!") and finish a 4oo page book by friday...I'm on page 125 I think. Yep...BIG procrastinator. I looked in the dictionary yesterday and found my picture right under the definition. Then there's Christmas stuff, which I actually enjoy and have'nt been putting off on purpose, I just haven't had time to do it. I usually make Christmas cards for everyone at school I talk to at all. I haven't yet. Our tree isn't even up. I haven't gone Christmas shopping yet. I haven't picked out the recipes for the unthinkably large amount of baked goods I make for people during the holidays. I'll be spending all of thrusday and friday in the kitchen before Christmas, which I LOVE! Christmas music (don't mock) and sugary goodness all around me. I can't think of anything better. And I'm so glad we have church on Christmas! YAY!!!

I can't wait until Christmas break! I'm about ready to go crazy! I think that no one should have homework around this time of year (or ever) because we have so much more important things to do. Ok, new subject.

Emergency worship practice went pretty well last night. We got a lot accomplished and I love the songs we picked out. I thought at first I didn't know them, turns out I knew them all I just hadn't heard them for a long time. Other than Wallula songs, I haven't really heard a ton of others, and they only played about 50 songs altogether. So....yeah..not completely my fault. I'm glad Ali knows more of them than me, so its all good.

We're going Christmas caroling at the nursing homes for leadership class today, as sad as it is, I'm kind of excited about it. I love caroling! yay! Later peeps.


Shadow of Angels

I LOVE this song by Building 429!

Sunrise on Sunset Beach
Finds me right where I watched it set
I spent the night inside myself
But I haven’t found me yet

But I’m not running from you anymore
I’m not running from you anymore, no not anymore

Cause I believe that when I call for you
You hear the plea for my rescue
And You lift me up above the world I know
And I know that when I speak Your name
You hear my voice and send your saints
To cover me in the shadow of angels

I got caught in the memories
Cause they never fail to prove
I’m insecure and incomplete
It’s a stinging point of truth

So I will never find the best of me
Until I find myself in You, I’ll find myself in You (my favorite part)

Serious reduction

I'm going to try my hardest to make this post shorter than have been my norm lately, because apparently they are too long and no one reads them....kind of a waste of my time then aren't they!? lol. Ok so, short recap of this weekend:
Friday: Went Christmas light...looking, I guess, for lack of a better verb. We went up on post and marveled at all the beautiful lights and huge colonial houses. WOW! And drank candy cane lattes (JC you'd love them! lol).
Saturday: Narnia was really really really good. I would go see it again if the opportunity arose. then I went to Ali's and ate taco stuff, yum! And we "watched" A Knight's Tale. Although not really, we talked through the whole thing. We were just passing time until we went to the Griffiths' house. So we did the whole "girl talk" thing, which was good. Then we went to the G's house and just hung out for a while. Pictionary was a blast, even though I almost had a heart attack those last 3 minutes b/c we were SOOOO close to winning! Grrr Hayden and Tim! Oh well, there's always next year, as they say. I guess they say that. Don't really know who they are..anyway (*keep it short!!*) Trying to get Ali's car unstuck was fun, for us sitting in the car watching anyway. lol. Thanks guys, you rock! I was soo tired by the time I got home. Plus I was totally freaked out (not scared by) the story Luke told us about the clown midget. Have I mentioned I HATE, I do! I HATE them! So, luckily I have my big, mean, viscious guard dog sleeping in my room to protect me. (Ha, Zoe would probably lead them right to me and expect some sort of treat for it!)
Sunday: Usual was good. Then I did homework all afternoon. I did learn an important lesson though..I am horrible at sock puppetry. I can not make a good sock puppet for the life of me. No, really. If some one was holding a gun to my head and my life could only be saved with my making a decent sock puppet, I would be dead before I even started! I am that bad! Oh well, you can't be good at EVERYTHING right? (lol, j/k, I'm not egotistical I promise!) Worship was fun...maybe too much fun. We didnt' really get a lot done but, who cares, we got enough. And everyone was in a good mood, I commend the lifeguards! You guys have nerves of steel!
Uh oh, this is getting sorta long, so I'm ending it there. OH wait. Funny thing happened this morning. I know how Ali feels and I never thought I'd say that, not for this anyway. I'm walking upstairs this morning at school. And this guy almost runs me over, like he doesn't even see me. When we're like face to face (actually it was more face to chest, he was pretty tall) he looks down and notices he almost killed me! Of course this is LHS so he didn't say excuse me or anything, but I've never had that happen before. Some one not seeing me because they were looking over my head. Wierd I know. So I sympathize Ali. Later homies. Peace to the world.


It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...FO REAL!!!

Hey everyone! So yesterday morning was interesting...want to hear about it? Ok, you convinced me! I was running usual, since its usual I guess its not really late...ok, so I was running on time and I had coffee and everything and I went to pull out of my drive way. Now, mind you, my low battery light had come on the day before, I just hadn't called my daddy to come and fix it since he wouldn't be able to come until this weekend anyway. My truck's a warrior, I figured it could make it. But it made a liar out of me that morning. My lights wouldn't even come on, well, they were on but they were so dim I couldn't see anything and it was making this horrible noise, like if I made it go anywhere, it was going to run me over and kill me dead as soon as I got out. So I went inside and waited for my mom to get around to taking me to school. Totally embarrassing being a senior, and having to be dropped off by my mommy. But no one was around so it was fine. I got to class late, but we don't start until around 8 anyway now with channel 1 news and all. But my seat in calc was taken so I had to sit behind this kid who likes me and always bugs me. Luckily he wasn't too bad that morning. Crazy morning!
The rest of the day was alright though, even though I had to skip lunch to work on my french project that needed to be finnished by last hour cause I was presenting...yeah...I am the BIGGEST procrastinator in the world! So I got yelled at for working on my poster during psych. but it was no biggy. Actually, I was multi-tasking, because we were watching a video on depression, which I find all that stuff fasinating. We watched a scitzophrenia video the day before and it was really interesting too. I think if a science major doesn't work out for me I might do psychology cause I really am interested in all that mental disorder stuff (wierd I know) plus I could help people, which is the real reason I'm into it. Anyway, then I went to french and my presentation was pretty good. One of my friends did her presentation on a french designer. Well, she had a power point and she made this runway and had all these model pictures walking down it. She told me she had a surprise for me in her presentation. So I'm looking at this picture thinking, man that chic looks familiar. IT WAS ME!! She had pasted my face on a model's body! I was cracking up! And it was one of my 8th grade pictures so my hair was blonde, which looked so bad! But it was funny. Especially since I wasn't the only one in the room to become a model on her power point.

So today was a...SNOW DAY!!!! I was so happy! I got to sleep in. Although, I was kind of sad. My mom got a call last night saying we weren't going to have school. So I knew last night. Good, cause I got to sleep in uninterrupted. But I love getting up at 6:00, turning on the news and finding out its a snow day. Then I do my happy dance and go back to bed. There was no happy dance this way. *sniffle* Oh well, still a good day. I did homework, my psychology paper on pet therapy, which I am an expert on myself, so writing the paper is a piece of chocolate cake! Then I watched a movie with ma mere, went to the Harbor with my frineds (man Ali, I got h.c. with irish creme, how can you drink that?!?! It was SOOOO sweet!) Then we walked around down town, nothing really to do. And now I'm at my neighbor's house to turn up her heat. She's stuck at her mom's house where she goes to college in a little one horse town called Hombolt. Fun.

I was soooo sad about youth group. I had been looking forward to it all day. But I spent a long time last night reading my Bible before I went to bed. I stayed up later cause I knew we weren't going to have school even before they called it. I read some good stuff! Big shock right, I mean, its the BIBLE!!! lol. Anyway, I'm off now, I don't know if we have voice practice tonight or not..hope so. I want to go sledding REAL BAD, worse than Napolian's lips hurt, but there are no hills around here that don't lead to a busy street...hmmm...j/k. That would be bad. So I'll see everyone saturday! YAY! Salute mes amis!


Crazy turn of events

This is so wierd. I'm sitting here, in my old middle school, in my old science room, with my favorite teacher...yeah, wierd. We have to come over here for leadership class, we're supposed to be tutoring, which I'm all for, but they have an off schedule today, so they don't really need us. So The Coolest Teacher In The World is letting me hang out in here. Which is also kind of wierd because before I knew we were coming here today, I was planning on doing another post, and now I am...just in a different school. Hmmm. Then I get to go home for lunch and then its back to LHS for seminar. Pretty cool day thus far, I have had nothing to do. Plus I talked to my guidence couselor and worked on my schedule for next semester. I think it'll look like this:
A-1: Calc
A-2: Physics
A-3: Chior (that's new)
A-4: French IV
B-1: Law
B-2: Sr. Survey (that's new too)
B-3: Teacher Helper
B-4: Seminar

Man, that will be so much better than it is now. I get in chior and out of AP English! Yeah!

So I have great news! I think it is anyway! Actually only my mom, Luke, and my guidence counselor know about it as of right now. I got my acceptance letter from William Jewell yesterday! The guy from the addmissions office called me too. They're giving me $8,000 a year as it is, but that still leaves a lot to be paid for. I do qualify for the chance to get a full ride. Only four people get it, so cross your fingers for me, no, better yet, pray for me. I'm leaning more towards William Jewell now. I've been trying not to let the sentimental stuff get to me; the leaving all the people I know behind and moving so far away (to CO). But I don't know. I'd just miss so many people. And all you guys (the y.g.), well most anyway are planning to go to KU, and I don't want to be so far away that I get totally excluded from the group after high school. Plus I could come back and visit all the time next year if I go to WJC. But the big clencher is the fact that its Baptist. And smaller. But mostly the baptist part! I always planned on going to a christian college and this way, I get the best of both worlds. I get the education of a tradtional college but with the christian atmosphere. Plus there will be plenty of christians there I am assuming. (Ok if you haven't figured it out, I'm just trying to convince myself, this is for my own benefit, not yours, so you don't have to read all that, but since I put this at the bottom I guess you do!) Either way, I'm excited.
I've been having such a hard time getting my point across to people lately, people that don't understand what I mean. I keep using the term "christian" wrong. I know, you're thinking, what a wierdo, who doesn't know how to use the term "christian" correctly. But the thing is, I know what it means to be a christian (to believe in Christ and accept him as your savior and Lord) but I have a hard time believing people that say they are when they don't act like it. They talk the talk but they, in no way, shape, or form, walk to the walk. And I'm only talking about those who do things that don't please God all the time. Those who only come to church for some reasons not involving God at all, and I'm not neccesarily even talking about anyone at our church, or anyone I know. But I shoot my mouth off, using the term "christian" as some one who lives a life with God's influence. Then I have to explain, "Ok, well, no, I mean a devoted chrisitian. I know none of us are perfect, but we try not to sin right? I don't really consider those who sin all the time and don't even try to stop real christians. Or should I say, devoted christians. Maybe I just shouldn't talk..ever. I come acrossed sounding all high and mighty like I don't sin so I'm a real christian but everyone who does bad things aren't. And that's not it at all. Hmm, so difficult. So, I'm going to work on that. Christian does not = devoted christian....I'm going home to eat lunch, later guys!

The Titleless Post...wait...

Recap of my weekend (even though most of you were there):
Friday was flippin' awesome! Ali and I went to PR for the basketball game and hung out with the G's and Cody and David. Ah, the helium was SOO funny. It really was a ton of fun, more fun than I usually have at a basketball game. Except the pasta salad So then we went back to the G's house. Then 20 minutes later Ali and I went into the G's house. Man we were dumb! But it was funny, so its all good. I think I need to watch the 3rd LOTR again, because I was SOO tired the movie didn't seem that great. Plus trying to keep Tim quiet and figure out what the delusional from sleep J.C. was talking about, was even more tiring. Ali and I got back to my house around 3 in the AM. Wow. Luckily my mom's a hard sleeper and I didn't get questions about what time I got home until the morning. But it was worth it.
Saturday Ali and I got hocho and them went to watch all the guys play football. It was SOOOO cold. Oh man! But we laughed, mostly at K^2 (K squared). Then we went back to Ali's and waited for the guys to call us about Zona Rosa. So we went to Zona Rosa and pretty much just hung out, since I don't think any of us bought anything to great, except for David and his $40 hoodie! Crazy guy! It was also fun ( I need to come up with a new adjective) and I'm glad we didn't go to McDonalds.
Sunday was..ok. Church was good. Worship went well, I guess...Then I did homework all afternoon. Worship practice was..unusual and short. Hopefully we'll have a little more energy on wednesday. I don't have much time right now so, I'll write more later, maybe something worth reading. I have about 5 minutes left, so I'm out until (hopefully) 3rd hour. Later days guys. Well, actually, later today.


Hello! My name is Inigo Montoya...

Inigo Montoya: That Vizzini, he can *fuss*.

Fezzik: Fuss, fuss... I think he like to scream at

Inigo Montoya: Probably he means no *harm*.

Fezzik: He's really very short
on *charm*.

Inigo Montoya: You have a great gift for rhyme.

Fezzik: Yes, yes,
some of the time.

Vizzini: Enough of that.

Inigo Montoya: Fezzik, are there
rocks ahead?

Fezzik: If there are, we all be dead.

Vizzini: No more rhymes now,
I mean it.

Fezzik: Anybody want a peanut?


(Yeah, I get to do Princess Bride in our group project for AP English. I know you have no idea what I'm talking about but it's good, so just smile and nod.)

Posting Time!

I know, I know, I have been slacking majorly on all things related to posting, on this one and the xf verse o' da days. SO sorry. Please forgive me. Actually, I don't need your forgiveness I have God's! j/k well, I do, but not that I don't need anyone elses...*is confusing self* Lets see, I actually do have stuff to talk about. Oh, I have a little venting to do too. So, I was in english with The Crazy Teacher, yup, that's her name. We were talking about wars and dying or something, I don't member, but she made the comment, almost like it was wrong, that more lives have been lost in the name of God than all the other wars combined. True or not, so what!? Can you think of any reason more worthy of giving your life than God? I sure can't! I wanted to jump out of my seat and say all that, but because of my passive nature, I refrained. Had one of my peers said that, I would have, maybe, but not The Crazy Teacher. She bashes christianity all the time, mainly catholocism, which is still a denomination of christianity, so therefore, she's still bashing christianity. GRRR. It erks me! But then I learned something I found quite interesting and will make you all 10x smarter...or seem smarter....hmmm. Anyway, Merlin, the wizard in the Arthurian Legends was actually created by a monk! Crazy huh? This magical character was created by a catholic monk. Why you ask? Because during the time these legends were constructed the world, well England, was in an inbetween time, inbetween paganism and christianity. Monks were the only ones who could write and were therefore the ones who wrote all these ancient tales down on paper. They could change it anyway they wanted to, so they added Christianity to the stories (yay, go monks!) but also kept some pagan stuff in them so as not to scare away the new found Christians still holding on the their last bit of paganism. Did anyone already know that? Liars!
Youth group went well. Worship went pretty good I think. Lately Luke's messages have been applying to me so much, its freaky! Its like he's reading my mind and talking about it...*suspicous look for Luke* No, its actually really awesome because I need that perspective on that stuff. I'm always on that spriitual high Luke was talking about wednesday after a retreat thing and I always think, this time it'll be different, but it never is. I always start out real strong, then I kind of taper off, and feel guilty for losing my enthusiasm so I just stop trying, thinking it pointless because I'm just going through the motions. So I'm glad Luke addressed that for me. Thanks Luke!
Last night I had worship practice. Eric is awesome! He is helping me so much, especially with harmony, since I'm horrible at it! So I get to lead worship on sunday *is freaked out beyond compare* I really am kind of worried, its a little intimidating. So, pray about that..unless of course you want me to mess up so you can have a good laugh...mean people! j/k
I finally finished my application to William Jewell college! YAY!!! Now I have CSU and KU to work on. *sigh* one down, two to go. Or so I thought. Then I get this call from MCC, whom I have expressed an interest in before when I was planning on going to KState and MCC. I told them I was no longer interested....but the more I thought about it, the more I realized I still wasn't sure. I had always planned on going to a Christian college, at least as a dual enrollee. Not only to get a good, solid, Christian education but also to meet other Christians. I'm only going to marry a Chrisitian so where better to find a nice Christian boy to marry than in a Christian college? I don't know. If I go to William Jewell, its no big deal. It isnt a christian college, persay, but the beliefs of the college are baptist and religion is a major offered. If I go to party school. What if I can't find any Christians? Where am I going to meet a nice Christian boy to marry!? I know, I WAY over think everything! But...I think Christmas time always makes me think about love and all that jazz (yes, I know, it seems like I think about it all the time, but not entirely true.) I did, about 2 months ago, after that lesson we had on dating, decide that I was going to abandon my thoughts of missionary dating that I've always wanted to do. I was always attracted to those guys that weren't christians but seemed to have potential if given the right influence. No more! I told my friends about this decision and they told me I was being close minded and thought it was a crazy, drastic thing to do but...I don't. I'm glad I decided that. Only Christian boys now! They're better anyway! Besides dating can lead to marriage right? Don't want to fall for a non-christian and then have to tell him "sorry dude, you're not a christian, I can't marry you!" I'm rambling. Love is complicated. Hard to discuss, especially not knowing who is going to read this and how they might take it. But my outlook on love has improved greatly since my last post about it. But I've been in a great mood lately, so its fitting. Not sure why I've been in a great mood lately...probably because I saw Monty Python and now I know what everyone's talking about! NEEE! Yup, that must be it. Ok, I'm out, I'll try and keep up on this thing a little better...key word TRY!