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Aleyways: March 2006


The Rest of SB in a nutshell

Before I continue with my story, I must first express my deep sadness at the news of the 7 Project being canceled. I know there's nothing we can do about it, but still, it's pretty upsetting. I'm sure part of the decision had to do with timing, what with all the USALL stuff and Fred Phelps, the timing was bad. I still don't find that a suitable reason for canceling a harmless assembly and a chance to bring the word of Jesus into the lives of kids that really need to hear it. But, life goes on.

Anyways, back to the recap:
Tuesday cont.- Cody taught me how to play racket ball, which to my surprise is quite a bit different from tennis. Uh yeah, I'm not a natural racket ball player let's just say. Ryan and my skill levels are about the same, so we played and let Cody and Luke have their "big boy games." lol. It was fun. And that was about the end of tuesday.
Wednesday- Got up and watched Notting Hill, good movie. Then...did nothing. Went to worship practice. That went well. Youth Group was good. Then hung out for a while with Cody and JC while all the insane guys got hyped up about the oncoming (new word?) Halo Party! Woot, woot. lol.
Thursday- Got up and watched Runaway Bride (Yes, I do have a Julia Roberts obsession) and talked to Cody. Then went to the Harbor to meet Cody, JC and Tim, who were LATE! lol. Yeah, I was mad, I hate chilling at Harbor Lights for extended amounts of time (catch the sarcasm there? Good!) We all just hung out on the infamous H.L. couch. Looked at Pastor Dave's new bike (totally sweet, I want it!). Then....went home and baked cookies and watched CSI all evening.
Friday- This was my favorite day. Watched 10 Things I Hate About You. Hung out at the house for a little while. Then went with my mom to visit Angie. Came home. Called Cody. He came over and we hung out, half way listened to Brian Regan (love those moosen!) . Then went to talk to Erica at work. Decided we didn't want to go to Legends to see Stay Alive that night. (Like how I've eliminated the need for complete sentences? Cody, don't ever let your grandparents read this post! LOL!) Went back to Long John's to wait for Erica to get off work, which was.....forever! Luckily, Cody has a phd. in entertainment, so I wasn't the least little bit bored. Then we went to their grandparent's house to watch a movie. Went to Blockbuster (sorry Jon, it really is better) and ran into Kim, Eric and Sean. Got "House of Wax" oooooo. Pretty good movie, I give it 1.76589 thumbs up! lol. And to top it all off, I didn't even get in trouble for giving my mom the 411 over the answering machine! yay! LOL
Saturday- Watched CMT all morning. Went shopping with my mom to restock the unbelievable sparce cabinents. Ate the healthiest lunch I've had in months. Then went to play tennis with Cody, who turned out to be a natural. I love tennis, yup, love, I'd marry it if I could, honest! lol. Then I went to my dad's house, where I haven't been in months! Answered 10,000 questions of every kind, then just chatted with my stepmom. We went into town and got pizzas and ice cream that we consumed while watching their latest addiction, PBR (Pro Bull Riding) which is actually quite interesting! lol. Driving home I almost hit a deer then a oppossum, but managed to dodge both due to my cat-like reflexes.
Sunday- You were all there. Kids church, whole in the wall, chillin' at the C.C.

And this week has been, decent. Monday was good, mmm, stromboli! lol. And seeing as how Zoe didn't attack Cody with anything but overwhelming affection, I'd say he's safer than the rest were (lol....inside joke? I think) . Tuesday was uneventful. And so far today has been the longest, most boring day ever! I'm so serious! First hour lasted 20 years, 2nd hour was crazy long. Lunch was the only thing that went by fast and I could have done with more time in there! But, I am in seminar on the comp. which I didn't think I'd be able to do. Thank goodness for substitutes! lol. Tonight's youth group! YIPPEE! Oh, I can't contain the excitement, ok, fine, I'll try. See y'all tonight!


The update is coming...soon, sometime, maybe we'll see. My usual blogging class has decided to ban computers so I'm s.o.l. at the moment. But with my infinate resources, I will find time to update, a real update I promise. I'll start now, it'll be like a tv series...or something..yeah.

Spring Break: cold, but great just the same.
Monday- NOTHING! Yeah, that's right, I did nothing! lol. I watched movies and Gilmore Girls alllllll day long, so I guess that's something, but nothing worth talking about, so moving right along...
Tuesday- Did my FAFSA, boo, it was stupid but not as bad as I thought which had led me to putting it off forever! Then I ventured out to Cody's house for the first time. After getting myself all turned around because of one stupid little mistake like a street direction and searching the craziest, curviest, steepest hill I've ever come in contact with, I corrected my mistake and found my way. I met Cody's mom, who in my book is pretty cool, saw his dungeon, basement bedroom (nice setting for a horror flick lol) and attempted to kidnap his "cuter than anything should be allowed to be" puppy. Yup. Then we went to the Corner Pharmacy and had an evil lunch (the total was $6.66...wierd). Then onto the C.C. for racket ball...where we ran into the G boys and Luke.

Time to go, to be continued I guess, don't get too excited, it may be a while...


...the saga continues

Ok, left off with lunch. Lunch was great, although afterwards we felt like were were going to explode! Then we went to Zona Rosa and shopped around for a while. Ali got some really cute stuff and I snagged a skit at Forever 21 for $9! Whoa there doggie! lol. An hour after we got home, we were on our way back to Zona Rosa, thanks boy, lol, no complaints! I love just walking around Zona Rosa, and the weather was great, as well as the company! lol. My favorite part was at Shaper Image though. Oh man you guys were halarious with those massage chairs! LOL! You looked like epileptic children have a very enjoyable fit! lol! Anyhoo....then back to Ali's for a movie. We didn't get much say in what we watched but I liked the movie, what I saw of it anyway. I'm tellin' ya, Sammy just puts me to sleep! I love that dog! And Ali's pillows are too comfortable for words! I was pretty much falling asleep all the way to 7-11. Then....a few assorted details, 1, 2, skip a few, 99, 100. I ran out of gas about a mile and a half from my house and had to walk, well, actually I ran cause it was scary, to my house and wake up my mom and we had to put gas in my truck, while being yelled at by rude high school boys. THEN, I still had to go take care of my friend's dogs. I got to bed around 2:00 I think.

Sunday- Church was good, I was super late, even for me, but at least I didn't miss much of worship. Lots of new people to meet. Well, not really, because I already knew Ashton and her family, but then there was that new guy. So, hopefully we can fullfill the whole "double your youth group" challenge from ATF. Then blah, blah, blah, I had law stuff, blahblahblah. So, that was sunday, pretty uneventful compared to the rest of the weekend.

And today...I did my mock trial. Then I made stuff in catering. OH, Ali, you'd be proud! We had donuts in catering and I didn't have one! Yay me! I deserve chocolate cake for that! lol, that would defeat the purpose huh!? Oh well, I'm proud of me!

This week should go something like this:
Tomorrow-blah x 2
Wednesday- I'm thinking I don't even need to come at all, since I'd be leaving at 10 anyway and we finished our mock trial!
Thursday- come for calc and physics then go to the talent show again!

Then.... SPRING BREAK!!!!

Printer is located by check out desk

So here I sit, in the library, during lunch, due to the absense of my faithful companion and best bud. No no, don't cry for me, I'll be ok, honestly. lol. Anyhoo, the days going by fast, which is super great! My mock trial went surprisingly well, especially considering that were weren't prepared to put any of our witnesses up today and we ended up finishing the whole thing! AND, we won! Score! So yeah, a little stressfull when the other side finished their witnesses and we still had an hour left, but, we did fine, our witnesses were great and I TORE APART the other side, well, a little, nibbled at them really. lol.

So this past weekend rocked...maybe even more than the one before that!

Friday- Hung with Ali and Cody, then Cody, then Cody and the G boys, then finally Ali, Cody and the G boys. lol. Then Ali and I ate at Homer's, hung with Sean and JC while they skated, after finding them that is! Man, Ali...we need some work on our locating and sneaking around skills! LOL! And although we pleaded until we were blue in the face (just an expression, not literal, ewww) they still will not comply to wear helmets, Sean just will not permis it! LOL! AH, sooo funny! After all this we went to Ali's house and had cookies and milk while watching ghost story stuff and looking up the haunted places on post. Then we watched What Lies Beneath, well Ali watched, as soon as Sam came and layed next to me, I was out. LOL. Then I woke up to watch Footloose! LOOOVE that movie! Love! lol! "So, you think you might ever kiss me?" LOL!

Saturday- was eventful fo sho. Had waffles and coffee at Ali's, then went home to become human. lol. We went shopping with Ali's mom for Ali a prom dress, but didn't find any. Then we went to On the Border and pigged out, mostly on chips and salsa.

Bell rang, to be continued......


Excitement + Sugar =....This!

Ahhh! Ali, I just violated our healthy pact! I'm eating a cosmic brownie! Oh well, its good! lol! Ok, anywho, what to post about, what to post about....Yesterday was crazy! First the church could have been on fire, then Ali and I get stalked by a middle-aged, bald man, then we get "hollered" at by gangstas! Whoa! Crazy! Then piling in Ali's car, that has become somewhat of a tradition for us, huh guys? I think we're getting pretty good at it. We could go to a "fitting too many people into a car" competition and win fo sho! lol! I'm a little, tiny bit hyper, lots of sugar! Ok, wheeeewwww! Back to life. Ok. But all in all yesterday was pretty sweet. I like to mix it up every once in a while, going to Taco Bell was pretty cool, especially since I'd been craving a burrito all day! Then hanging out in St. Mary's was coolio, even though we got kicked out of the comfy room. LOL! I'd give yesterday a big thumbs up!

Uhhh, oh yeah, I need to do a little venting! Just a tad. My mock trial is monday and wednesday and we are SOOO unprepared! Man! I feel like I'm the only one doing anything, which I guess is ok, but it's going to affect my grade slightly too. I didn't want to put this off 'til the last minute but that's what's happened, so now I'm going to have to spend a good chunk of the weekend going over mock trial stuff and if my partner doesn't do the same, it's going to be a train wreck! "I'm going off the rails on a crazy train!" lol! So yeah, I'm a little worried about it, but not too bad, I'll survive.

In senior survey we...took notes, then took notes, and for a little change of pace, we took some notes. But nowhere near how bad my last english class was, so I'm not complaining, even though it sounds like it. Cody, I could have used your magical poetry analytical powers today! We read this poem by John Donne and I was soooooo lost! The guy's no Shakespeare but he wasn't bad. Ok, I was going to put one of his poems on here, but I've just changed my mind, so I won't.

Oh yeah, this morning was the biggest Bush bashing fest I've ever witnessed, sorry to tell it Ali, don't read on if you don't want to. I mean, I am not a Bush fan, really, I'm not. But I am totally against people openly bashing the president, especially when its a substitute teacher and half the class. Do I agree with everything Bush has done, no, but I honestly believe that people will find some reason to criticize the president of the United States no matter what! I don't think it would matter what he did, it would be wrong. And what's up with that? I don't get it, but I try to avoid politics as much as possible anyway, not really my thing.

Rambling, rambling, yep, that's exactly what I'm doing. Ok, going to the Harbor after school with Ali, getting a latte which I can already taste if I close my eyes and concentrate real hard! MMMMMMM! I wants it now! lol! Ali and I were already ready to go down there before 3rd hour, but not too much longer now! Yeah! Talkfest! Vegging on "the couch", hopefully Cody can join us, sometime, if not, it'll just be the girls.

Things I'm too excited about for words:
1) Prom!!!!
2) Harbor Lights!
3) Girls night at the church sunday!
4) My birthday!!!!!
5) Spring Break!!!!

I'm sure there's more, I'm just feeling a little too ADHD to actually go through them all right now. Later all.


Technical Difficulties?

So, I've heard murmers about not being able to even get to some of our blogs, so hopefully, this'll work. Ok, that said, I will continue. This past weekend was too cool for words! (I've been finding myself speechless a lot lately). Tiny, teeny, weenie (ha) recap:

Friday - Ali and I met Cody, Jon, and JC up at Snow Creek. I tried my hand at snowboarding, hoping I'd be a natural or something far fetched like that...uh, well, that wasn't exactly the case for those of you who were there, for those of you who weren't and didn't see me, I was a total natural! lol! Anywho, at least I tried, then I went and got skis and was a tad bit better, kinda, a little. Cody stayed with me pretty much the whole time and helped me. Now, I'm usually not one for public doting of one's boyfriend but I have to break one of my own rules for a moment. Cody was great! I would have had the worst time ever if it hadn't been for him, I'm totally serious. I could go into detial but I won't. Anywho, I had a great time skiing despite the slight pain I had to endure. lol! Then we went to Sean's party and marveled at how addicted some of those boys were to Halo. Blows my mind. Our midnight run to McDonald's was fun, but I was so tired, I had pretty much had all the fun I could take for one day. Ali and I headed for her house and changed into our p.j.s and popped in A Walk to Remember. We fell asleep half way through it. Bummer.

Saturday- Ali and I woke up way too early, in the sauna and just hung for a while, watched another chic flick. Then we met the boys and headed down to Lawrence. The drive down was crazy due to the fact I don't think any of us were awake and because very few guys are cool enough to have the same taste in music as Ali and I do. Anyway, once we woke up, it was all good. Man, I could have spent a million dollars down there, easily! And that pizza place was sooo good, mmmmm! I've been craving it eversince! lol! Then The Third Planet was crazy! I didn't expect it to that! It had a few cool things I guess, but definately not "my store" as I had been claiming previously. I think my favorite part of the whole trip was the ride home....not! Cramming that many people into the car...a little cramped. I was actually pretty comfy, I think I was the only one, besides Jon. Oh well, the price we pay for a great day in lawrence.

Sunday- Church was great. Worship was awesome!!! Worship has been sooo good lately! Anyway, I kind of got a little lost during the sermon, but I followed it as well as I could. Then I got roped into going swimming. *sigh* I'm so easily persuaded by some people. lol. So after walking to my truck and Cody finding a little something out of the ordinary in the alley(that's wierd to write) I headed home to get ready. Swimming was fun, well, not so much the swimming part, didn't do much of that, but hanging out was good. Then Ali and I went to Homer's and talked and talked, oh yeah, we talked a little too. lol! Then I went home and TRIED to do calc. Key word there, tried! I couldnt' concentrate for the life of me. My mind kept wandering to past, future and present. I put on some slow, sappy, girly music and just chilled in my room.

Whoa, this recap has grown 10x it's purposed size! Ok, I'll be brief.

Monday- Went over to Ali's then to PR for the G boy's band concert. You guy's rocked! Jon, you were out of this world awesome, for real! lol. But you ALL did great! Yo-heave-ho right? (Or something like that, I don't speak pirate, sorry).

I just got to school a little while ago. I had catering this morning. It wasn't too bad really. Trying to be fancy with our resources was a tad frusterating, but we made it work. I've decided, I don't ever want to be an important person. Having to dress up in uncomfortable dress suits, listen to boring speakers, pay way too much for cafateria gourmet food, nope not for me! lol! Anywho, later guys, see y'all wednesday!


The duck flies at midnight...

Good morning everyone in the entire world..or everyone who reads my blog, the numbers are close enough. T.G.I.F.! I can't put into words how happy I am it's friday, or hpw hungry I am, man I am starving! I want to go to the Corner Pharmacy with Ali and have cheeseburgers again! Despite the constant rumbling in my stomach, I am in a pretty fabulous mood. I won't bore everyone with the secretive details of our coversation that lasted almost four hours yesterday, and the few other details, Ali has already covered, so go read her blog if you're lookin' for a recap buddy! Yeah, yesterday was pretty much awesome, well, in most respects. Don't want to go into detail about the not so awesome stuff and I didn't get to talk to Cody, so it wasn't all awesome, but mostly. I'm telling you, I think Ali and I could talk for 24 hours straight, no problem! I don't think I've ever talked to some one like that before, it's pretty sweet. And my decaf irish creme latte was off the hizzo fo shizzo. It was so funny, after Ali and I got up to leave, our bodies were imprinted in the couch! lol. Amusing.

I actually enjoyed law this morning (jump back)! We watched this law movie with John Travolta and it is actually really good thus far. Then I got called to a teacher's room whom I don't even have but whom I'm SURE doesn't like me to talk about some dumb scholar thing. Blablablablabla, bad food, blablablablabla, boring speakers, blablablablabla, wasted evening, that's all I heard. Plus, it's on a wednesday, I'm not missing youth group, how dare they even think such a possibility was present in my mind!!! LOL!

Today is friday. Tomorrow is saturday. The day after that is Sunday. The day after that..ok, yes, I have a point. Tonight should be super spiffy, I'm thinking sardines and spoons all over again! YEAH!!! Then everyone besides JC, Sean, Ali and I will get bored and do something else, while we continue the longest game of sardines in history. LOL. Maybe not...
Then saturday, lawrence here we come! I haven't been to lawrence to actually shop or anything resembling the act of shopping forever! The last time I did that, the stores were all closed, so needless to say, the shopping did not actually take place. So yes, safe to say I'm looking forward to saturday.

There's a song that's inside of my soul.
It's the one that I've tried to write over and over again
I'm awake in the infinite cold.
But you sing to me over and over and over again.

So, I lay my head back down.
And I lift my hands and pray
To be only yours, I pray, to be only yours
I know now you're my only hope.

Sing to me the song of the stars.
Of your galaxy dancing and laughing and laughing again.
When it feels like my dreams are so far
Sing to me of the plans that you have for me over again.

I give you my destiny.
I'm giving you all of me.
I want your symphony, singing in all that I am
At the top of my lungs, I'm giving it back.

Ah, I'm dying to watch A Walk to Remember ! Ali, we need to have a chick flick night! I'm soo in the mood for a sappy chick flick night....and ice cream! LOL!


All the Time

My words are wasted when I dont speak
Of all your wonders within our reach
The more you show me your printed hands
To be more grateful, to understand
I couldn't breathe some, i couldn't breathe
Something more to live
I didn't want none I didn't want
None, nothing more than this.
All the time, all the time
You have given me love more than i know

Ah, I love that song by Jeremy Camp! I'm addicted to that cd now, I listen to it allllll the time! lol

I want a Gnome named Pierpont!

I just failed my government test! AHHH! Whatever will I do! Now I can't be the first woman president...oh well, I'll have to create another dream profession for myself. lol. Anyhoo, I'm stuck in seminar for B-2, which is wierd, like a deja-vous because this is how it used to be, last year, seminar was 2nd hour. Interesting, non (<--French for no)? So Yesterday was pretty cool, I had a calc test and physics test, those weren't involved in the decision to call yesterday "pretty cool" though. But I think I did well enough on those things. Then I finished my first Harry Potter book! Woot! Kudos to me! Sooo now I have to see the movie. Then...hmm, oh yeah, we had a mardi gras party in french class! Oh my goodness! Cookies galore, some from Sis's Sweets! Dirt and Worms! Parfait! AMAZING chocolate covered brownies with a baby hidden inside! Coffee! Oh man, it was wonderful! If every french class was like that, yeah, I wouldn't mind it at all! lol. We played Egyptian Rat Slap and I lost...both times, but I was so hyped up on sugar I couldn't have cared less! Anyhoo, then we had french club, which usually is a major drag, but we watched this movie in french called The Chorus, and it was surprisingly really really good. I didn't end up leaving until almost 4:00! I then proceeded to go home and watch Gilmore Girls until 5:00. Then took out my wonderful puppy dog for a nice walk in the wonderful weather! Then Cody called and we talked for a while while he looked for him work uniform (lol) and then Ali and I made plans about today. Full day! Fo sho! So I'm in an usually good mood, you think? I won't deny it, I am! lol. Life is good, no great, in pretty much every aspect right now! I can't remember the last time that happened! I feel so blessed right now. It's like God decided to save up all my prayers, about everything, and answer them all in access of a week or so! Thank you Lord, You are truely amazing! Well, I have english crud to do, so I'll probably type a little more lata! See everyone tonight, can't wait!