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Aleyways: November 2005


I DO NOT love technology!

AHHH! Dumb computer almost wouldn't let me post! But I mastered it, stupid piece of gar-bage! Anyway, wow, I have a lot to cover, so sit tight, this is going to be a long ride.

Last wednesday-Hmm, can I remember back this far. Ali and I sang..I think. I was in one heck of a crappy mood, not sure why, it had just been one of those days. It was like satan was sitting on top of me hammering me with a meat tenderizer. Anyway, Luke prayed for me, which really helped alot, I felt a ton better the rest of the evening. Plus playing mad libs with the gang didn't hurt. So wednesday turned out to be a pretty groovy day.

Thursday(Thanksgiving)-Lunch was great. My mom and I made some kickin' food and we didn't burn or undercook anything this year. Go us! Then I went to my dad's house. This is when all the fun began. *rolls eyes* Upon my arrival I was greeted with clouds of smoke throughout the house. My dad, being the piro he is, had accidentally (ok, right, like anyone would do it on purpose) set the house on fire. Luckily it was no biggy and it was out by the time we got there, but the smoke was still very present. I helped my stepmom out a little with the ridiculous amount of food that needed to be prepared then kind of got pushed out of the kitchen when my elder female relatives arrived. So I kind of just stood there, trying to look useful. The dinner was great, although we had WAY too much food. I ate so many appetizers by the time the food was done, so was I. But I did manage to eat this AMAZING sweet potatoe stuff my stepmom makes! Oh man that stuff is good! There were 35 people there. Yeah, that's a lot. Lots of kids. And I'm the youngest of all the cousins, which is good sometimes but really stinks other times. I spent most of the evening hanging out with my older cousin, whom I never see. He's so awesome and we're so much alike. It's a pitty we only see each other once every 3 or 4 years or so. I really do love big family things, but they always kind of upset me because I always realize how not-close I am to a big part of my family. I don't even recognize half of my first cousins, let alone the ones after that. I'm horribly jealous of people with really close families, you know, close outside the immediate family. But as much as I love them all, being around them also makes me realize, to an extent, how much I don't want to be like a lot of them. I don't think any of them live a Christian life, which saddens me, but even outside that, there's a lot of things they do and are, I don't want to be. But I think its good to be around what you don't want to be so you will never forget you don't want to be it...(make sense?) There was your philosophy lesson for the day.

Friday-I went to Barnes and Noble on Barry Rd. in the afternoon. Rach and I had coffee (peppermint mochas) and look through this (borrowing a phrase from J.C.) "flippin' awesome" Hippie book. George Harrison was the best speaker in the world. All his quotes were so deep and just *sigh* fabulous! After eating a little dinner I headed out to the Griffith's house. Seriously guys, I had SO much fun! Four-wheeler tag was so much fun. I haven't climbed a tree in forever! The hay bail attacked my side *ouch* but its ok, I forgave it. That old shack was awesome. As Cody and I were standing down there waiting for everyone to get down there, I was totally picturing a potential horror movie plot. "Two teens out in the woods, in the dark, far enough away, no one could hear them scream, and suddenly" then some horrible creature or phycopathic murderer emerges from the woods and kills us! Luckily, that didn't happen. Let's see, what happened after that...then I went back outside and swung...swang...swinged..whatever! Then...I watched Cody and J.C. skateboard, which, anything they do is impressive to me, I can't even stand on the thing and make it move 2 feet without falling off. J.C. made us some rockin' cocoa and then we all just stayed inside and hung out. Yep, tons of fun!

Saturday-Walked Zoe up to St. Mary's to watch the guys play football. It was slightly boring until Ali got there. Zoe had a blast though, she was exhausted when I took her home. Movie night was great. Madagascar was so funny. "I like to move it, move it.." but I have to say I really enjoyed Monty Python more. I'm so glad I finally know what everyone is talking about with all those quotes...and find them halarious! "Neee!!" "Cut down the mightiest tree in the forest... with... a herring!" But I think my favorite was the killer bunny part. I was crying I was laughing so hard. "What's he gonna do, nibble your bum?" Oh wow! SOOO funny! So, yeah, I really liked the movie, which kind of suprised me. I used to hate movies with that sort of humor, but I think hanging out with the group that I do now...has corrupted my humor. But its all good. So, movie night, big hit!

Sunday-Church was great. Lots of movies! Braveheart, LOTR (no Arigorn...*sniffle*) AND Nemo! The guest preacher was really good too. Worship went...ok. I screwed up the very first line in the very first song. Oh, wait, maybe nobody caught that! Gar *kicks self* why did I have to say that, now everyone will know! Anyway, Eric said he's going to teach me and Jube "real" three part harmony next week, which I'm excited about. But that means practice on thursday, meaning no CSI party, meaning my best friend may be pushed to the point of disowning me...she's almost there already! But, I'll use my blinding charm *ha*, hope you caught the sarcasm there. I'll probably end up graveling and doing her calculus homework for a week.
Sunday night was so funny! I've decided I cannot sing with Cody anymore, he's simply too funny. I can't handle it. My stomach hurt so much by the time we finished practice. And I don't care what anyone says, my version of the last song was/is better. Why you ask? Because...I know how is goes! Plus it is higher, which I always think is a bonus, unless it's too high. I'm just being difficult. I don't mind learning the new way. Then we sat around and quoted movies I've actually seen *gasp* *shocked look* So sunday night was a blast!

We've seen each other almost every day, sometimes more than once for the past, almost week. It's going to be wierd not seeing everyone until wednesday. So I prepose going to see Bob play basketball on tuesday (tomorrow) because I've never seen him play before and I want to. Plus it'll help with the withdrawl I'll be going through by then. J/K. I'm not THAT dependant. But I think we should go. "The Chronicles of Narnia" comes out Dec. 9, so we definately have to do that! Ok, I'm out yo. Peace!


Overdue update

I know I need to update...and I promise I will, but not right now....


So little time!

So I'm running low on time, in fact if there was any way to extend this day and make it a 30-hour day instead of just 24 I would! I have so much to do, and not near enough time unless I skip that whole sleeping thing (which is overrated anyway, right Tim?) and stock my system up on espresso drinks. We're listening to Christmas music in leadership class right now and making cards for old people. I AM GOING CRAZY!!!! I love Christmas music, almost too much. I love anyone's Christmas music. But I'm sorry, it is WAY too soon. The earliest one should begin celbrating the Christmas season is the day after Thanksgiving. Otherwise, its going to get old, fast. If we celebrated it all year round, well, it would lose that "specialness" and everyone's just infuriating me; ruining my Christmas season!!! Ok, freak out over. Anyway. I just took a test over Beowulf....not fun, but I think I did fine. Multiple choice and matching tests rock my socks. Now I'm reading "That Hidious Strength" by C.S Lewis. Ok, this is the guy who wrote the "Chronicles of Narnia"....and this book is HORRIBLE!!! Its so boring and hard to follow. Its no "The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe." I'll be so happy when I'm out of that tretcherous (spell check) class. I'll have time to...have fun..yeah, I think that's what kids are still calling it, fun? *rolls eyes* Ok, I'll try and post something interesting later, when I have time to actually put some thought and emotion into it! I promise! Oh, and by the way Jon, I like my links just the way they are.... *evil grin* Peace out homies!



No MiniMe! We do not GNAW on our (pronounced "air") kitty!...No! not even a nibble! Oh my gosh that stuff cracks me up! My friend Kate says it so well, I think she does it even better than Mike Myers! LOL! We were going to have a Jack Party this morning...oh, you don't know what I Jack Party is!? My bad. Let me explain! There are certain rules for LHS seniors concerning parking. These rules restrict our privledges and force us to get to school at least a half an hour early. Well, that is, if we don't want to walk a mile to get here. ANYWAY, my friends and I always get here super early, because we're not big walking fans, especially when its 17 degrees outside. So we have decided we'll have Jack Parties every B-day mornings. We bring coffee food and of course, the best part: Jack Johnson! We love Jack! But our host didn't get here in time so Chaunty and I had to have a mini Jack party in her car. But there were BROWNIES!! And one learns in a short amount of time, that anything from Chauntel's house is so amazing that you NEVER turn it down. YUM! They were awesome. And I had hocho (hot chocolate, love them Gilmore Girls) coffee. I'm trying to do I want to say this...less dependent on coffee. So I had hocho with a little bit of decaf coffee in it. Now, I know what you're thinking. Decaf coffee isn't real coffee! I agree 100%, however, that's all I had on hand so back off! But I burnt my tongue and it hurts.
Last night was great. Worship went....well, it was....God was glorified! That's all that matters! I liked the activity too. Almost all the comments were halarious. J.C.'s what my favorite:"You're the prettiest Alley (one too many "l"s there dude) P. I've ever known! Chizzler out!" That guy slays me. Everyone elses were awesome too though. I wrote a ton on everyone's and still, I don't feel like you can actually let some one know how much you think of them on a little note stuck to their backs. But it was halarious anyway.
CSI party tonight. Whootwhoot. My Fair Lady opens tonight. Kind of wish I could go, but I won't. Good luck guys! I really need to work on college stuff and calc, so, until further notice, I'm out!



Ok, so now I have something interesting to write about. Ok, maybe not interesting but I won't just be babbling about nothing. And I'm SOOO bored, so here goes:
Stereotypes anger me greatly. I say that at the risk of being a hypocrite because I think to an extent we all stereotype, and I know I used to ALL the time. I've been trying SO hard though lately not to stereotype anyone. At the beginning of the year I met some really awesome people when I did novice plays. The "drama kids" at our school are one of the big stereotypes here and I had fallen into the habit of believing them. However, while I was involved in novice I had to suspend my impressions of the stereotypical drama kid and actually get to know a lot of them. I was shocked. I made friends with people I would have never talked to and had already formed my opinion of. Another guy I got to know during novice, a guy I had spent my entire high school career making fun of because of how I stereotyped him freshmen year turned out to be so awesome, and we're great friends now. Although I get that stereotypes are a reality that exists in high school. I still don't like them, even if they are "mostly true." God made all of us different and although we might be similar in SOME ways, I don't think it's fair to group people like that. Not all "goths" practice black magic and listen to songs about death and killing. Some preps are deeper than a damp napkin. I have no idea what stereotype I would fit into; I would assume it would be the "over achievers, the smart kids." I hate that. I don't think I fit in there at all, I don't think anyone really "fits" in there. Just because people get good grades doesn't mean that we ALL spend all of our time doing homework and our free time is spent reading the encyclopedia. I don't know. I just wish people would look at people without judging them because of what they wear and who they hang with. I think people would be surprised at the friends they would make if they did. I'm out!

New post, new post, what should I talk about today? I could drone on and on about the love subject, oh no, I wasn't done, but I'll spare you. I'm not down on love, I'm just very opinionated about it and those opinions change almost daily. ANYWAY.....
So, I sit at lunch with these guys, well, I sit with a bunch of people, and only two of us are Christians, but I sit with them too. So everyone at the table knows I'm a Chrisitian but these two guys in particular have taken an interest in my faith. And not nessicarily in a good way. They talk about stuff all the time that I would prefer not to hear, but...I always get to put my two cents in too. And honestly, I don't know how much good it does, but I feel like if I left the table, there would be no one there to argue a Christian point of view, so I stay. They're really not bad guys, just terribly frustrating sometimes. I went home last night and looked in my Bible for something to back up my arguement yesterday. I don't want to come to school in a habit and thumping my Bible, but if they want to argue, I feel like I need to back up my side and quoting the Bible is the way to do it. So if they don't object...who knows, maybe they'll actually get something out of it. So tomorrow, I turn into pastor Aley. (lol)
Wow, my weekend was kind of lame in retro view. I didn't do anything on friday. Went to the parade. Then friday night, I posted... Saturday...I got coffee then stayed home all day and didn't do much AT ALL. OH OH, I watched Indiana Jones! Then sunday was sunday as usual. Church was good. Then I went home and watched Gilmore Girls all afternoon while doing homework. Sunday night was worship practice! Yay! Even though Ali and I had some difficulties, I think we'll be fine on wednesday. Then we stayed after for like, an hour, and listen to cds and, well, the guys threw thingys and tried to kill each other, Ali and I watched.
Wow, this is a boring post. I always worry when I post something dumb that everyone will think I'm horrible boring...*sniffle* so don't think that. I'm tired, it's early, and I'm running on NO coffee! Moving right along...Had a calc test, it was horrible. Then physics..would be boring without Diana, luckily it's not. OH, in psych. we watched this unbelieveable movie. It was about this girl, they called Genie, who was locked in here room and strapped to a potty chair until she was...get this, 10 years old!! It was terrible! she couldn't talk, she walked funny, she was like a 10 year old infant. It was so, so sad. Ok, other than that story, this post is *sigh* it's killing me to write it, so it must be killing you to read it. I'll write more when I have more to write....yep, sounds good to me. Later days!



I don't feel like talking much so I'll make this short. I know I should update everyday (don't want the blog update police to get on my tail) and because I know reading my blog is the most enjoyable thing some of you dedicated readers experience all day. goes.

Today I feel the need to talk about...l'amour. For those of you who are not bi-langual in french, that means love. Usually I'm all for all that love stuff, chic flicks and love songs, but lately, I just have not been in the mood. Infact, there is a song from, ironically, one of my favorite love stories that goes like this, ahem : "You'd think that people would have had enough of silly love songs. (I look around me and I see, it isn't so, oh no.) Some people want to fill the world with silly loves songs. (Well, what's wrong with that, I'd like to know.)" Usually I'm all for Christien's part, the part in parenthesis but right now, I'm thinking Satine has a point. Who needs anyone's love but God's? *sigh* Granted, in a day or so, maybe even less time than that I will be back to my old self, the hopeless romantic that gets herself into trouble by being so, but I feel the need to voice my thoughts at this present moment in time. I mean, after all, this is an online journal, journals are for thoughts, and these are my thoughts at the moment. It seems like everywhere I look, everyone's in love and it annoys me, mainly because I know its probably awesome. SO here are some more thoughts on love, from love doctor Aley:
1) Opposites attract (this is true)
2) But not for long
3) UNLESS, both people are openminded about the little things and share the same values concerning the big things

Ok, I've been avoiding love story movies and songs all day and now I'm writing about it; there is NO EXCAPE! So I'm done for now, partly because I'm tired and partly because I think I may be giving people the wrong impression. I am not at all against love in any way, shape or form (well except of course the bad stuff, you get my drift) but for some reason its just getting on my nerves today. Tomorrow, I will be back to normal, scary thought, I know!


The funniest man alive

I'm at my friend's house listenting to Brian Regan. I honestly think I could quote almost this entire cd without any help. I've listened to it like 3 times just this week. But what can I say, I never get tired of Brian! "I'm too lazy to fish. I'm taping watch again later. Come on over, I got a fishing, a new one!" Ah, I love him. So, the weekends been a little slow so far. Last night was fun. I went to the parade this morning, then got coffee. Rachel and Chauntel went to the museum, yeah, their wierd ones (just kidding) so I worked on my college application essays this afternoon. I wrote two more today, so that gives me three to choose from. *shrugs* who knows which one I'll pick.

I'm going crazy over college stuff. William Jewell, Colorado State, and KU are my top three choices. William Jewell has a great music program, but I don't know if I can do a music major. Plus, its MO, so not much better than KS, but its further, yet not too far. Colorado, I would love to live in CO, but I think I would end up missing alot of things and of course people if I lived that far away. KU is my back up. CSU and KU are party schools and I really do not want to go to a party school. Not because I'm afraid I'll get involved in "partying" but because I'd be worried I wouldn't be able to find too many people that weren't into that stuff. *sigh* I don't know! It's crazy to think this time next year I won't be here. I wouldn't say I'm horribly sentimental, but I am to an extent...I am a girl. Anyway, I know God will put me where he wants me. It's just hard not to worry about it.
Well I'm tired, and the cds almost over, so...that is all for now



After listening to Lifehouse last night, I had to go home and listen to them some more. Why? Because they are AWESOME! But to be honest I never really paid that much attention to the lyrics until last night. "Everything" has always been my favorite song by them, and after really listening to what it says, I like it even more. Pretty powerful lyrics.

Find me here
Speak to me
I want to feel You
I need to hear You.
You are the light
That is leading me
To the place where
I find peace again.
You are the strength
that keeps me walking
You are the hope
That keeps me trusting.
You are the life to my soul
You are my purpose
You are everything.
And how can I
Stand here with You
And not be moved by You?
Would you tell me
How could it be
Any better than this?
You calm the storms
You give me rest
You hold me in Your hands
You won't let me fall.
You steal my heart
And You take my breathe away
Would You take me in
Would You take me deeper now?
'Cause You're all I want
You are all I need
You are everything


Pimpin' the "bling bling"......cross?

Ok, so I've noticed it countless times before but I've never really thought about it a ton before today. When did crosses become a fashion accessory? Have crosses become such an archetype that no one remembers what they symbolize? If you're not a Christian I don't understand the appeal behind dangling a cross from your neck. I know they have made some of them rather elaborate, and I'm not saying they shouldn't be made beautiful, but really, to non-Christians, its just an uneven "t." I mean, I suppose you don't have to be a Christian to wear a cross, but if you're not, what's the point, to accessorize your outfit? I also suppose people could be "Christians" in the sense that they believe in Jesus and just not live their lives in a way that is pleasing to God...
Where did all this supposing and stuff come from, you ask? Well, there was a new guy in my physics class. He was dressed in typical "gangster" clothes with a gold cross hanging in front of his dead rapper t-shirt. Now, I learned a long time ago not to judge some one by their clothes or by the fact that they are wearing a cross. He sat at our table and we were all conversing. Then he started cussing and talking about...inappropriate things (for lack of a better term) and how he cheated on his girlfriend. Then he reached up and adjusted the chain his cross was on. I couldn't help but wonder how he could say all that and actually be aware of the fact that he's wearing such a significant symbol. Then I realized crosses don't mean what I honestly think they still should. People don't wear crosses to show that they are Christians or to glorify their Lord, I think a lot of people don't give much thought to what they are wearing; they think it looks cool so when it compliments their style, they throw it on. Perhaps I'm over thinking this, and I am positively sure that to a lot of people crosses mean more than just "bling bling." OK, I just thought I'd share that, if you have any thoughts about that post 'em, there's my two cents on the isssue. Later days.


Do you know?

How great, is our God? sing with me. How great, is our God? And all will see how great, how great is our God. Name above all names. Worthy of all praise. Our hearts will sing how great, how great, is our God. That song has been going through my head all morning. So, how great is our God? Greater than you can even begin to describe! That's my guess. I'm trying to do calc...hahahaha, obviously that's not getting done. I think we should take some of the songs that the band did at Oasis and learn them and do them for youth worship. Good idea, bad idea? Give me some feedback. I had a HORRIBLY boring "induction ceremony" last night for NHS. Man, it was only about 45 minutes but it seemed so much longer. I don't know why I felt the need to mock the fomality of the entire event but I did, and I did throughout the whole thing pretty much. I don't know, I guess its a good thing, but its not that big of a deal and it makes me laugh when people make something like that such a HUGE ordeal. Other than colleges wanting me more, the only thing it means for me is getting up earlier every wednesday morning for meeting. ya. I'll try and contain my enthusiasm. school friday! YAY!! uuhhh, hmm, what else can I talk about? Ok, I'm done for now. More later.


More on Oasis

Just for you Brenton! Ok, so, was good. It wasn't the best thing I've been to and after going to other events like CIY for example, it was a little dull I must admit. BUT, any chance I get to spend an entire weekend praising God, I say there's nothing better. The worship was amazing! I'd heard the band before, but I think everyone else really enjoyed it too, thankfully. The speakers were probably some of the best I've ever heard. I felt like after they were done everyone time, I left with something to think about. Especially the last one. He talked about considering everyone to be better than yourself. Bizzar concept, but I really have been thinking about that a lot and I found myself, actually, today, trying to apply that with this girl at school today. So anyway, there's not much more to say about it, it was good, lots of fun, for me anyway, I wish you could have been there! See ya wednesday! Peace out homie.

Post Oasis

I need to get some stuff down on paper...or the net, whatever, before I forget it. Ali, here's some vital advice. Don't ride in Explos or you might wian geight! Jon, Justin, if you see a flock of meese in the woodsen, go buy two boxen of donuts. Ok I'm done for now, time to go to calc and attempt the impossible. Later guys!


Oye with the Poodles Already

Grrr, it makes me so mad, I can't use all of my halarious inside jokes, because nobody that knows them will ever visit this. *sad face* Oh well! I was ridiculed relentlessly for conforming to the community of bloggers by my best friends. But I will forgive them and I know they still love me because I can echo and my laugh is contagious. Anway, I'm kind of rambling on about nothing...because I really have nothing to say, I'm just horribly bored! So now, I will recap the past few days, would you enjoy that blog readers? Ok then! Hmmm, I don't remember monday...come to think of it I don't remember anything before wednesday. My memory must be slipping, Luke is rubbing off on me. Ok so wednesday. I did calc, of course, and then went to youth group. It was great as usual, Ali and I sang, with was great, and the guys sounded great too. Game master Bob did not dissapoint us and the lesson was worked in very craftfully. Thursday (yesterday)...oh oh oh, NO CALC HOMEWORK!!! Seriously, no one not in that class has any idea what a huge deal that is, I was SOOO happy! And still am. After school I worked on my Greek drama paper and watched Gilmore Girls and drank some of my specially blended coffee, yum. Them I went to Rachel's (my best friend) house and Chauntel/ Chaunrel (my other best friend) worked on *dun dun dun* our Greek papers. Thursdays are always great days. We have our weekly CSI parties at Rach's. Although I was a tad preoccupied editing, it was good, Grissom was amazing as always, asounding the viewers with his knowlege of fly larva. Love that guy! Anyway, then I went home and drove myself nuts trying to do laundry, find this thingy, and finish my paper. I accomplished all, kudos to me. And today is friday. Here I sit, in leadership class that I have renamed "Aley's blogging class," writting this. I still have to pack for this weekend, but since its my 3rd year going, it shouldn't take that long to remember what to bring...clothes, toothpaste....and my BIBLE!!!(the most important idem, don't forget it you guys!) Ok, I'm out! Later gators!